Saturday, December 3, 2016

"You guys are freakin' Thuggish! Walking through the valley of Death. Straight up Thugs!" September 19, 2016


This week has for sure been an adventure. Between exchanges and zone conference, we have had barely anytime to work together in our own area!

Monday we started a weekly activity in the Spanish Group of having Family Home Evenings. The first one was a hit! We had good food and a bunch of bearing of testimonies. The Elder's had a family of investigators there and they are progressing really well now! They are planning a wedding, in fact, so that they can get married! It's tons of excited in Prosser.

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday, which is always a blast. I love seeing President and Sister White! They are the best. Their testimonies are so strong. We had some trainings on how we can have more focused studies on our investigators. They had a tons of apples available at lunch and Hermana Vazquez and I may or may not have taken seven home.... #weloooveapples After lunch we had a training on teaching from the Book of Mormon by Sister White. Right now, the mission seems to be focusing a lot on the basics of missionary work. It reminds me a lot of Marching Band. As Mark always said, "Be Brilliant at the Basics!" The fundamentals of missionary work really are what makes up a good missionary. 

Wednesday I had an exchange with Sister Daniels from Lehi, UT. She doesn't speak Spanish, so we had a pretty fun time. We taught Sunny about the Word of Wisdom with Hermana Alcazar. We don't think he accepted the whole no coffee thing too well, so we'll have to figure out more about that. he called us on Saturday and said it doesn't say that in the bible...We have a lesson with him on Tuesday. Hopefully all goes well.

Thursday I was in Benton City with Hermana Jordan. We had a really fun time at service at Meals on Wheels. I've never heard of it before, but it's this program that delivers food to old people that cook for themselves! I thought it was pretty genius. 

Friday we taught a first lesson to a women named Joslynn. She goes to a baptist church in Prosser, but has a cousin that is mormon and has always wanted to read the Book of Mormon. We taught her the restoration and she accepted that pretty well. She even asked us if she would need to be baptized again! She is currently working on reading the introduction to the BOM and praying about it. We also taught another First lesson to a twenty year old girl named Maribel with a  three year old son, Alex. She really wants to change and help her son become better. We are teaching her again next week and we are way excited!

Saturday I was in Grandview with Hermana Fristrup and we ran into a Super LA and he had tattoos all over his body. He's the one who told us the Thug quote. It was pretty funny!

I love you all so much! I hope you all have the best missionary week! Adios!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

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