Saturday, December 3, 2016

It's Rainy in Washington, October 17, 2016

Hola Hola!

This week has been an adventure for sure.

On Monday we went to this cute little restaurant with the Sisters in the Zone. It's called Country mercantile and it reminds me of Thanksgiving Point. It was really good food though! 

Tuesday we went to Kennewick to change out oil at the Mall. Which meant we got to go in the Mall! My poor companion is such a California City girl and she about died. Basically, we miss shopping and we hate all of our clothes. #SisterMissionaryLife We also had Interviews with President that day. he's so wonderful! We gave President and Sister White some of the Apple Cider that they make here in Basin City. They we're so happy! Ah. I love them. 

Wednesday we did Zone Service at 2nd Harvest! I've missed that place! The manager still remembered Sister Christensen and I from when we were in Pasco! It's such a cute little place.  We then drove home and I was feeling sick, so I slept for a while and then we had an awesome visit with a Less Active Family! Jenny opened up to us a ton and we shared with her about Christ's atonement and how it can bring peace in hard times. We committed her to read Alma 7 and then she committed herself to come to church (Which she did!) We also just found out yesterday that her Nine year old son, Joshua, isn't baptized! We are going to start teaching him and helping him work towards baptism as well. This family is awesome. Oh! And at church Jenny commented in Sunday School that we helped bring peace into her home and that she really wants to find more joy in Christ in her life. YES!

Thursday we had a lesson with a less active woman named Elizabeth. She has three boys, one of which is only a month old. We shared with them a message of prayer and taught her kids how to pray. She said she really wants to come back to church but that it's hard because she works with her husband on Sundays. We'll be praying for her and her family. 

The weekend we basically just did finding, which is way fun when you are in the middle of no where. haha! We are trying to work a lot with the Less Actives and with the members to find. It seems to be going pretty well, but it's a working progress. They are people ready here! We just need to find 'em.

Love you all bunches! Have a great missionary day and a great Missionary Week! 

pics of the restaurant/store place

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