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Happy Turkey Day! November 21, 2016

Hello everyone!

This week has gone by so quickly! Time flies when your out serving the Lord! We've had so many great opportunities to serve the people of Basin City this week. On Saturday we were able to help out at the food bank in town. We handed out Thanksgiving dinners. It was so good to see people's faces full of gratitude! The holiday season is for sure magical. 
We also had the chance to help one of the LAs in the branch paint her trailer. It was soooo cold, but so much fun. She wanted it maroon. By the end Hermana Bergmann's and my hands looked like we had just killed ourselves our very own turkey!

We were able to visit some of the Less actives in the ward this week. The people here are so kind! Most all of them gave us cookies or tamales to take home. 

We were able to teach Joshua and Samantha this week about Joseph Smith and why he was so important. They understood it pretty well, but we are going back tomorrow and watching the movie with them. Nothing like a good movie night! 

Last night all the power went out in Basin City and Connell for about 5 hours. We had to come in early, but luckily the members we live with had a generator so we watched some church movies with them.

I've been learning some cool things about the Book of Mormon in my studies lately. Isn't that book the most amazing book ever?! You can seriously answer any questions with it. A couple that I really liked and am excited to use are;
Why so many Wars? Hel 14:30-31
How can I solve family struggles? Alma 7:15-16
How can I live safely when politics are so corrupted? Ether 2:12 (Everyone here talks about politics...) 
Why should we get married? 4 Nephi 1:11
Those are just a few, but honestly the Book of Mormon is so powerful. I was just reading in Ether this morning, (I'm so close to finishing for my fourth time on the mission!!) and the Lord really will keep his promises with his people. He love us all so very much. This mission is such a happy time. We are here to just love and serve our brothers and sisters. What better way to spend our time?

Love you! I'm thankful for you!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

1. Hermana Burgmann drew a picture of us sickies with la gripa
2 and 3. Painting
4 and 5. Service at the Food Bank. We were helping sign people in at this point.

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