Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Taco Tuesday is a Real Thing!

Hola Hermanos y Hermanas!
For my friends who have served a mission, is Chair Soccer a thing other places or just here? It's basically a bunch of missionaries kicking a soccer ball in a gym while trying to guard their fold up chairs and hit other peoples. It's kinda fun. It's funny when the ball gets stuck in the ceiling!
Taco Tuesday is a real thing my friends! Taco Trucks and restaurants have sales every Tuesday and my love for tacos has grown. Like real tacos, not that stuff out of a seasoning mix. come on. Basically it is the best thing. and Homemade tortillas. SO GOOD.
Rosario is an investigator that the Elders handed off to us and she read and she came to Church! We having been trying to get her to read for like 2 weeks and she did! Seriously prayers are answered! She said that understands why we have been asking her to do it now and she really wants to turn her life around and better follow Jesucristo! She is kinda on date for the 13th of February if she can get work off next Sunday. So that's wonderful! 
Aldo couldn't come to church this week because he was on the phone with his family in Mexico, but he is really excited to be baptized this week! He is moving to California for 8 months in Feb though, so that's really sad, but he wants to keep going to church there too and he is already excited to go to the temple. He just gets it! He is wonderful and is like the best brother! I'm so happy to see him change and to understand. He just takes everything in and he keeps telling us he knows this is the path Gad wants him to take. He just gets it!
On Wednesday we had a Worldwide missionary broadcast for all full-time missionaries. That was fantastic! Teaching with the spirit is so important. We, ourselves, can't do anything. We can the conduit that the spirit works through to help the investigators.
We referred Santiago over to the English Elders and they met with him Friday, but I'm not sure how the lesson went. Keep praying for him to understand that this is the only true church! He said he knows it is a true church, but not the only. He's getting there.
Thursday I went on exchanges with Sister Christensen from Springville and we figured out we fly home together! We taught 3 less active sisters that day and it's crazy how everyone just needs to know they have a father in heaven who loves them! His love is so real! He is just waiting to help you. 2 nephi 1:15? His hugs are the best kind of hugs.
If any of you can get your hands on the DVD Our Heavenly Father's plan, do it, and watch it! 80's wonderfulness. Hermana Wade and I were laughing so hard we were crying.
Thanks for all the love and support. You are fantastic and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Monday, January 18, 2016

Staying in Pasco!

I can't beileve I've been in Washington six weeks! If you have been on a mission, you understand, Time doesn't exist. 

This week we got to teach Santiago finally! He has been in California for month, but he took his Book of Mormon and has been reading it. When we asked him what his expectations are he just said he was hungry to know more. WE HAVE THE BREAD. THE LIVING WATER. CHIRST WILL HELP YOU. Basically the best. He has been reading and praying and asking. He's searching. He came to Sacrament Meeting and He said he felt good. We might have to refer him to the English Elders though. But he is wonderful. He's currently preparing for the 13th of February.

José received the priesthood this week! He is really happy. I've prolly told you this, but every time we teach him, he teaches us. He's fantastic. And he is a great fellow-shipper for Aldo! Those two are buds now. Aldo is getting baptized on the 30th and he is so excited. You can see the change in him. He loves Christ and we are so happy for him.

Rosario wasn't able to come to church because she was working. She wasn't able to read either because of her baby twin girls. We are trying so hard to work with her, but it's a struggle. She knows it's true, just not acting. We love her and she said she would try harder this week. She downloaded the app so hopefully that will help.

Hermana Cortez wants me to tell you that she was telling a story about the Cartels and when I asked her who them were she said, "You don't know who the Cartels are?" and then I replied, "I know who the Kardacions are!" Apparently that was funny to her. 

Love you all and hope all is well in Zion. Nos Vemos!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Looking for Red Apples

Hola! Como Estan mis amigos?
Weeks go by so fast. It's crazy. Transfer Calls are tonight too. I can't believe I've been in Washington for six weeks! Like what is life. It feels like It has only been like 2 weeks. This week we had dinner with some really cute member families! I love going to member homes. You can always feel the spirit so strong. It's just goals. The spirit is such a real thing. Jose told us the other day that he has never felt so much comfort in his life than he does now. He gets it and it's so great. Aldo was in California this week so we weren't able to teach him, but he came to church on Sunday! AND DORICEL AND VICTOR CAME TO CHURCH. Oh my we were so happy! They seemed to really like it. We are teaching them again this week. Pray for them to understand the scriptures because they are having a really hard time reading because they don't understand what is going on.
I love being a missionary. It is seriously the best thing ever. We are out here looking for the red apples ready to be picked and share the Gospel with. We are helping families be happy together forever through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Doctrine of Christ is seriously the most important thing ever. Live it! Study it! It can change your life. I see it everyday. Have Faith in Christ. Use his Atonement and repent every day. Remember your baptismal covenants and pray for the spirit to be with you. Heavenly Father will grant unto you the righteous desires of your heart. He loves you and will bless you if you ask him. I know that Christ loves you. Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you l8r:)

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission
p.s. sorry for the bad selfie. I wanted to send you a picture but we didn't take any this week haha

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! I challenge you to set some goals on how you can come closer to Christ this year. My Goal is to trust in him to give me what to say so I can talk with everyone! A whole year to be a missionary. I'm so excited! (Every member a missionary!)
To start of the New Year we had the Baptism of Jose! He is really so sweet. He knows so much about the gospel already! Every time we taught him I felt like he was teaching me more than we of him. He is awesome. After he received the Holy Ghost yesterday he shoke our hands on the way back to his seat. I can not describe the look of love in his eyes. The gospel of Jesus Christ is so real. The love that he has for every single one of us is so strong.
On Tuesday I went one exchanges with Hermana Bland from Logan, Utah! She goes home after next transfer and her testimony is so bright. She reminded me that Heavenly Father called me here because of who I am. He doesn't need a million Elder Burtons (a fantastic Elder in my zone who used to be an Assistant before I got here.) He need Hermana Wade, Hermana Bland, Hermana Davis here in Washington! Be yourself and share your experiences with the gospel. Ah I love the gospel.
We've been teaching Doricel y Victor this week. They couldn't come to church, which was sad, but they are starting to read the book of mormon which is good! Cesar is a ten year old boy. His grandma is a convert and he is living with her now so she wants him to be baptized. (I'm sorry if I repeat info. idk what I tell you) and he is getting baptized on the 23rd! He is so cute. He has sooo many questions and we try to teach him as much as we can! We taught Aldo the plan this week and he was so interesting in the atonement. He is really progressing.  He is in California for the week for work, but he took his BOM with him and promised to read it everyday. He's the best! It's awesome cause he always makes daily contact with us! We never have to call him haha. We met this girl CeCe and she agreed to read and pray as well! We are teaching her again tomorrow.
Thank you all so much for your love. Don't forget to read your scriptures everyday, even if just a little bit. I love you and wish you a good 2016!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

 Out in the "snow"

 Jose's baptism

 Fillin' up the baptismal font!

 Bishop Landin, Jose, Hermanas Davis & Wade