Monday, December 5, 2016

The weather outside is frightful, but we're still knocking December 5, 2016

This week has been FANTASTIC! Full of miracles. 

I'm doing pretty well. It's interesting how the Lord can show you what you need to work on. I've been focusing a lot on trying to rely on the Lord. I sometimes get caught up in going quickly and getting things done that I forget to make sure what we are doing is what the Lord wants us to be. But as we've been focusing on that we've seen cool experiences. 
This week we found our selves at 8:30 with nothing to do because we finished tracking a road early. We prayed to see where we should go and I thought about this one road that has a couple houses on it. We had contacted most of the street before and so I was confused. But we went anyways. We drove by a house that the lights were off and I drove by and Hna was like, "Should we knock that one?" and I said, "The lights are dark though!" Then she said, "There's a little light." Then I kept driving. Then the Spirit told me, "Go knock it." Then I said, "Silly Spirit! People aren't awake in dark houses." Then he said, "You said what I told you to do." Then I was like dang. sorry. We turn around and pull up their long drive way and this dog is chasing our car. I then thought, the dog is going to eat me and the house looks really dark. Then the spirit was like "Go knock it!" So we did. Some one answered and not super kindly let us know she wasn't interested. Experiences like that keep happening, but the more important thing is that we are really trying to seek the spirit. If nothing happens, he's just seeing if he can trust us. I know the blessings are on their way.

The area is moving forward. We've had a bit of an interesting situation sharing investigators with the Connell Elders. Amanda lives in our area but is staying with her brother in Connell right now. But she's showing a lot of faith in this trial she's going through right now. We know Satan is really working on her, but She's such a strong prepared spirit. I honestly have come to love her in the past week and a couple days. 

We've been striving to hit the Standard of Excellence goals this week for our Quality Gospel Convos. We failed a couple of days but Friday we were able to hit the big 6! We were so excited. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas and Baptisms are on the Horizon, November 28, 2016

Besides the fact that I ate pie and turkey everyday, we saw sooo many miricles!

Monday I got a Nat King Cole CD. basically we've been listening to Christmas Music since that very moment. We got in the car and started driving to go see a LA in the Elder's area and it was sooo foggy that we had to pull over and wait it out for a bit. We ended up finding her house and them not being home. So we went and contacted people else where.

Tuesday we taught Joshua a lesson and he is fantastic! While his mom was figuring out how we could watch a movie on the TV, Joshua pulled us aside to tell us something. He said that the night before he had prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true. He crawled into bed and he said he just felt really really happy. We asked him if he believed it was true, AND HE SAID YES. God truly is looking out for his children and answers their prayers. ALSO. He is learning how to play the trumpet. I LOVE THIS KID.

Wednesday was a day full of miracles! We were on exchanges with the Connell Sisters and Sister Hamblin came to Basin to work with me. She is my long lost sister because we are so similar. Except she doesn't speak Spanish. But! We found three new investigators that day! All Spanish! We got into two different houses and I taught the lesson by myself (well, with the spirit of course) And it was crazy scary! I'm pretty sure I forgot Spanish, but somehow they still understood me. Lupe is a sister of a member and she's praying to know if she should get baptized. Maria and Samuel are formers who said they would accept visits fro missionaries again. SO COOl.

Thanksgiving we ate a lot of food.

Friday we found two more Investigators! We contacted a referral from the system and they let us in! She has a brother in Connell that is a member and she too accepted to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She said she would work toward the 24th of Deciembre as a baptism day as well! MIRICLES FOLLOW THE TRIALS.

Saturday we did some service at a older lady's home and raked all her leaves. Attached is the yard and ONE of the giant piles we raked up.

So this week was pretty cool. Hope y'all check out to see the new Christmas video because it is the best thing in the world! #LIGHTtheWORLD


Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Happy Turkey Day! November 21, 2016

Hello everyone!

This week has gone by so quickly! Time flies when your out serving the Lord! We've had so many great opportunities to serve the people of Basin City this week. On Saturday we were able to help out at the food bank in town. We handed out Thanksgiving dinners. It was so good to see people's faces full of gratitude! The holiday season is for sure magical. 
We also had the chance to help one of the LAs in the branch paint her trailer. It was soooo cold, but so much fun. She wanted it maroon. By the end Hermana Bergmann's and my hands looked like we had just killed ourselves our very own turkey!

We were able to visit some of the Less actives in the ward this week. The people here are so kind! Most all of them gave us cookies or tamales to take home. 

We were able to teach Joshua and Samantha this week about Joseph Smith and why he was so important. They understood it pretty well, but we are going back tomorrow and watching the movie with them. Nothing like a good movie night! 

Last night all the power went out in Basin City and Connell for about 5 hours. We had to come in early, but luckily the members we live with had a generator so we watched some church movies with them.

I've been learning some cool things about the Book of Mormon in my studies lately. Isn't that book the most amazing book ever?! You can seriously answer any questions with it. A couple that I really liked and am excited to use are;
Why so many Wars? Hel 14:30-31
How can I solve family struggles? Alma 7:15-16
How can I live safely when politics are so corrupted? Ether 2:12 (Everyone here talks about politics...) 
Why should we get married? 4 Nephi 1:11
Those are just a few, but honestly the Book of Mormon is so powerful. I was just reading in Ether this morning, (I'm so close to finishing for my fourth time on the mission!!) and the Lord really will keep his promises with his people. He love us all so very much. This mission is such a happy time. We are here to just love and serve our brothers and sisters. What better way to spend our time?

Love you! I'm thankful for you!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

1. Hermana Burgmann drew a picture of us sickies with la gripa
2 and 3. Painting
4 and 5. Service at the Food Bank. We were helping sign people in at this point.

The one time I'm grateful for my Hiccups, November 14, 2016


This week was seriously one of the most crazy weeks of my life! 

We had transfers and the day after I got my new Companera, Hermana Bergmann, and then she got the flu! So that was a big sad day.

 The next day we had a zone conference with a Seventy! Elder Zeballas from Chile came to our mission. He and his wife are sooo cute! I got to shake his hand and got a hug from his wife. They spoke to me in Spanish and I got flustered and forgot how to say where I'm from..but then I remembered so it was okay.  
THEN GUESS WHAT. During my mission President's talk i had the hiccups really bad. But then they went away and life was good again. THEN Elder Zeballas gets up and starts speaking. A little bit into his talk I hiccuped again. He then paused and commented on my hiccups during his talk!! He said with some much love in his eyes, "You know, sometimes I hiccup too." Then he smiled at me.  I turned red and everyone laughed. Bc tbh the entire mission knows I have horrible hiccups. #EVERYMEETINGEVERINMYLIFE

AND THEN SATURDAY I got to go back to my old area for a baptism! I LOVE GRANDVIEW SO STINKIN' MUCH. A 13 year old, Danny, got baptized. He's the more spiritually one point kid that I know. He was told us he wanted to be baptized because he wanted to be closer to Christ. Like seriously super cute. 

So basically life it pretty good. I miss you all so much! Have a wonderful week!!

"Pues, es un mandamiento, no una sugenencia" November 7, 2016

Hola Hola!

This week was great!

Miricle Moment! We have been working working a TON with Less-Active members and we are having good success in helping one family in particular get reactivated. Jenny and Samuel got baptized about a year and half ago to two years ago and stopped coming because of work. We started visiting them and helped Jenny out when she was having a really hard day. We read some scriptures with her and brought the peace of the gospel back into her life. She realized what was missing and has been working non-stop to get it back! Her and her husband Samuel just we called to be the Sunday School teachers in the Branch. They gave their first lesson on Sunday and it was amazing! We are so excited for them. They have a son named Joshua who is ten and isn't baptized. Jenny and Samuel expressed to us that they want him to get baptized! We are going to start teaching him tonight. WE ARE SO PUMPED. Less Actives are the way to go!!!

We also taught a lesson to another LA named Ofelia. We helped her with her Family History and she got way excited! It was so cool! She got out her husband's birth certificate looking for dates and names and it was awesome! Hopefully with more help, she can start coming back to church.

We had a really awesome Zone Council where we started preparing for Elder Zeballos to come visit our mission this week. I AM SO EXCITED. It's going to be fantastic! We watched a talk by Elder Oaks from the Missionary Broadcast in January 2016. It was all about Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts. So good. 

So that's pretty much the week! Transfers are also this week and Hermana Macias is heading out to Kennewick and I'm receiving Hermana Bergmann. Pretty pumped. Talk to y'all next week!!

I Got Stung By A Wasp! November 1, 2016

Hola Hermanos y Hermanas! I hope you are all stuffed with as much Halloween candy as I am.

This week we've been able to teach some our our Part Member Families in the area. 
Maria Teresa and Jaime and doing well. We had dinner with them this week and they gave us Tacos (My favorite!) We shared with them about how families can be together forever in temples. Jaime's big thing is families. He loves his family and would do anything for them. We are hoping that he'll be able to get some time off of work so that he can meet with us more and come to church! 

We also met with Jenny and Samuel. They are both fairly recent converts (At least a year, maybe a bit more.) We taught Jenny and Samuel about baptism and they expressed to us that they have a ten year old son who hasn't been baptized and they want him to be baptized! Unfortunately, He was in the other room watching Futbol! Next time we go over, we are going to teach him! His name is Joshua. 

English classes have been picking up. This week we had about 4 people there each class. Which is awesome! Hopefully we can keep it growing.

On Sunday, one of the members in the branch told us a story about how when he was on his mission in Chile that it was pouring rain and him and his comp were soaked to the core. Then Sunday night, it was pouring rain on us! Our Spanish Mission Leader texted us and was like, ' I remembered Juan's story in church today and I just wanted to check up and make sure you are okay!' So sweet! He's also the member that has this sign on the back of his car: 'Do you follow Jesus this close?' lolol

Yesterday, we were out and about and talking to some kids on a porch just doing our missionary thing and WASP STUNG MY LEG. Like through my skirt and tights and everything! What a meany. We tried by formers as well that day. We had to be in by six because it was Halloween, so we watched the Tommy Monson Bio and The Joseph Smith Movie on Mormon Channel. #perksoflivingwithmemebrs #weloveroku

Love you all tons! Have a great week!

It's Been a Year?! October 24, 2016

​This week has been FULL of service opportunities!! We did over 20 hours of service this week! 

Our first service project was as a district. We went over to this middle of no where town and we were helping this older couple move into their home. They are probably in their 70s and the wife has cancer. They are sooo sweet. The funniest thing is that the man always starts of his sentences with, "You will never convert me!" but it is amazing to see how our service has helped their hearts soften. They accepted the invitation for the Sisters there to go over and teach them a lesson about the Book of Mormon. He even accepted one and agreed to read it! Miracles happen everywhere!!

Second, we were contacting in a part of our area and Hermana Macias needed to use the bathroom, so we headed over to this one members house. She was in the middle of planning for her son's wedding and she was about to have a meltdown because of all the things she needs to get done! We offered to help and she was soo thankful. It is amazing how the Lord guides us and helps us to know what we need to do to bring people closer to him! 

I got to go on an exchange with Sister McOmber in Connell this week and that was way fun! We did some more service at the Older Couple's house and then we were contacting the rest of the day. I remember when I first went to Connell back in December for a baptism of one of Hermana Wade's converts and thinking how small of a place it was. Now it seems like the biggest city full of people to talk to! Crazy how the mission changes!

Also, Am I the only one who doesn't believe it's been a year?! No. Just me? okay...

Today we had a mission choir practice and I got to see so many of my favorite sisters and elders! I love the missionaries here! #WKM4Life

Love you all tons! Talk to you later!

It's Rainy in Washington, October 17, 2016

Hola Hola!

This week has been an adventure for sure.

On Monday we went to this cute little restaurant with the Sisters in the Zone. It's called Country mercantile and it reminds me of Thanksgiving Point. It was really good food though! 

Tuesday we went to Kennewick to change out oil at the Mall. Which meant we got to go in the Mall! My poor companion is such a California City girl and she about died. Basically, we miss shopping and we hate all of our clothes. #SisterMissionaryLife We also had Interviews with President that day. he's so wonderful! We gave President and Sister White some of the Apple Cider that they make here in Basin City. They we're so happy! Ah. I love them. 

Wednesday we did Zone Service at 2nd Harvest! I've missed that place! The manager still remembered Sister Christensen and I from when we were in Pasco! It's such a cute little place.  We then drove home and I was feeling sick, so I slept for a while and then we had an awesome visit with a Less Active Family! Jenny opened up to us a ton and we shared with her about Christ's atonement and how it can bring peace in hard times. We committed her to read Alma 7 and then she committed herself to come to church (Which she did!) We also just found out yesterday that her Nine year old son, Joshua, isn't baptized! We are going to start teaching him and helping him work towards baptism as well. This family is awesome. Oh! And at church Jenny commented in Sunday School that we helped bring peace into her home and that she really wants to find more joy in Christ in her life. YES!

Thursday we had a lesson with a less active woman named Elizabeth. She has three boys, one of which is only a month old. We shared with them a message of prayer and taught her kids how to pray. She said she really wants to come back to church but that it's hard because she works with her husband on Sundays. We'll be praying for her and her family. 

The weekend we basically just did finding, which is way fun when you are in the middle of no where. haha! We are trying to work a lot with the Less Actives and with the members to find. It seems to be going pretty well, but it's a working progress. They are people ready here! We just need to find 'em.

Love you all bunches! Have a great missionary day and a great Missionary Week! 

pics of the restaurant/store place

Hola Familia! October 10, 2016

Buenas Dias!

This week was really long, but great! Hermana Macias has been a little under the weather, but over all, we've been good. The season is changing and fall is upon us in Washington for sure. 

On Tuesday we taught a young mom named Maggie. She is really receptive to prophets and The Book of Mormon. She doesn't quite understand the priesthood power yet, hence she didn't agree to baptism. But she is really wanting to learn more about God and her relationship with him because Her 3 month old baby is going in for heart surgery next week. 

We taught another new invsitgator, Maria Perez. She's moving to Mexico at the end of the month, but was interested in learning more about the mormon church. She said she's always wanted to find out what it's all about. We invited her to be baptized, and she's working toward the 29th of October. We aren't sure if she'll still be here, but we are hoping we can help her to our best abilities!

There are a ton of Less actives in the Spanish Branch, so that is where we are spending a lot of our focus. We are teaching Elizabeth, Terecita, and Clara. They are all really awesome and they each have really great potential. 

We were tracking the other night and it was dark and we got out to knock a house and this dog almost attacked that was pretty fun. Life of the country I guess.

Love you all so much. Talk to you next week!

Welcome to Farm Country! October 3, 2016

​Hola Familia!

CONFERENCE WAS THE BEST. If you think different, I invite you to ponder again;)
I just loved how it was so focused on how much our Father in Heaven really, truly loves each of us individually and personally. I know that it true. I have felt his love so strong while I've been serving for myself, my companions, and for the people we talk to everyday. He is aware of each one of us and he will be listening the second we open our mouths and hearts to speak and listen to him. 

So this week started out with my birthday! thanks for all the birthday wishes and love. So far, twenty is turning out to be pretty fab. It's not that much different than nineteen, but I'm still a missionary and that's fab. Haha! We spent the day packing and saying goodbye to the family in Grandview and Prosser. It's a good area. Hermana Vazquez will take good care of it!

Wednesday I was shipped off to Basin City! It is the cutest little town..well, it's not even a town or a city! The population is under 10,000 according to my mother, and they are well spread out! Everyone here is so kind and all are mostly members. They are some good people here. Hermana Macias is super sweet and we are looking to having a good transfer. 

My first day in Basin we taught a woman named Yolanda. She's a wife of a LA member is the Spanish branch and has some great potential. She's met with missionaries before, but it was in Spanish and she really didn't understand much. We taught her in English and it went over really well. She accepted a date to work towards for baptism. The 29th of October! We are excited to help this family strengthen their conversion to Christ and His Gospel. 

We're trying to start up English Classes again in this area, but it's being a bit difficult because the fields are still going 100% of the time. hopefully it will pick up as the time slows down. 

From Conference, Elder Rasband's talk really stood out to me because in this area, we have time to do Family History for two hours a week. So far, I have been able to grow my ancestry line by a couple generations and I've found more name that need their work done. I think Family History is one of the most important works there is out there! Also Elder Oaks was amazing. I would invite each of you to study how it can help you improve your personal missionary lives. I know that it's something we are going to be applying in this area to help set the members on fire with the spirit. The Lord is hastening his work and he is doing so now, so be a part of it!

Love you all amazingly so much. Have a great Missionary Day and A great Missionary Week!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

1. The Tejadas gave me a Peru Futbal Jersey for my Birthday. They are the best!
2. Hermana Vazquez made me breakfast on my birthday!
3. The Grey family! They remind me so much of home. I lvoe them!
4. The Tejadas and us
5. Hermana Vazquez and I at the transfer site
6. My new room (my bed is the yellow blanket)
7. My desk
9. Welcome to Basin City
10. Me and a puppy
11. The trailer park is where we spend our afternoons *Hipe vibes*

(Need to put in pics, but Papa Duke was "denied access" to Hermana Davis's Drive. :) )

Heading into the....middle of nowhere? September 26, 2016

Hola Hola!
This week has been really great. News! I'm getting transfered to an even more middle of no where town! Basin City english and spansih work. They are putting me half white! Hopefully my English doesn't scare people

We taught Sunny this week and he shared with us some of his doubts about Joseph Smith. We asked if he had read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and he said no. We invited him to do so and told him that was how he could receive and answer for himself.
I went on two exhcnages this week. Once in the Candy Mountain ward with Sister Hanks and then in the Richland Sunset ward with Sister Christensen and Sister Nielsen.  Sister Hanks and I taught four lessons in four hours. It was a pretty busy day! Their area is on fire and they are doing amazing things for sure. With the Richland sister we did almost 4 hours of service. We painted a play ground and weeded at an investigator's house. Very fun.
CONFERENCE. I loooove conference! Sister Oscarson and President Uchdorf's talks were the best! I'm so excited for conference! I can hardly wait!
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! Have a fantastic Missionary week!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

"You guys are freakin' Thuggish! Walking through the valley of Death. Straight up Thugs!" September 19, 2016


This week has for sure been an adventure. Between exchanges and zone conference, we have had barely anytime to work together in our own area!

Monday we started a weekly activity in the Spanish Group of having Family Home Evenings. The first one was a hit! We had good food and a bunch of bearing of testimonies. The Elder's had a family of investigators there and they are progressing really well now! They are planning a wedding, in fact, so that they can get married! It's tons of excited in Prosser.

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday, which is always a blast. I love seeing President and Sister White! They are the best. Their testimonies are so strong. We had some trainings on how we can have more focused studies on our investigators. They had a tons of apples available at lunch and Hermana Vazquez and I may or may not have taken seven home.... #weloooveapples After lunch we had a training on teaching from the Book of Mormon by Sister White. Right now, the mission seems to be focusing a lot on the basics of missionary work. It reminds me a lot of Marching Band. As Mark always said, "Be Brilliant at the Basics!" The fundamentals of missionary work really are what makes up a good missionary. 

Wednesday I had an exchange with Sister Daniels from Lehi, UT. She doesn't speak Spanish, so we had a pretty fun time. We taught Sunny about the Word of Wisdom with Hermana Alcazar. We don't think he accepted the whole no coffee thing too well, so we'll have to figure out more about that. he called us on Saturday and said it doesn't say that in the bible...We have a lesson with him on Tuesday. Hopefully all goes well.

Thursday I was in Benton City with Hermana Jordan. We had a really fun time at service at Meals on Wheels. I've never heard of it before, but it's this program that delivers food to old people that cook for themselves! I thought it was pretty genius. 

Friday we taught a first lesson to a women named Joslynn. She goes to a baptist church in Prosser, but has a cousin that is mormon and has always wanted to read the Book of Mormon. We taught her the restoration and she accepted that pretty well. She even asked us if she would need to be baptized again! She is currently working on reading the introduction to the BOM and praying about it. We also taught another First lesson to a twenty year old girl named Maribel with a  three year old son, Alex. She really wants to change and help her son become better. We are teaching her again next week and we are way excited!

Saturday I was in Grandview with Hermana Fristrup and we ran into a Super LA and he had tattoos all over his body. He's the one who told us the Thug quote. It was pretty funny!

I love you all so much! I hope you all have the best missionary week! Adios!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Spanish Areas + English Companera = I had to translate, September 12, 2016


This week has been fairly normal for once! Well, as normal as a missionary's week can be I guess!

Tuesday we were able to teach Juanquin and Maria for a little bit. They gave us each HUGE pieces of watermelon to eat...and Hermana Vazquez hates watermelon! But she was a trooper and finished it not to be rude. (On my side, that night we had a dinner with a Spanish member and I had to eat crazy spicey enchiladas. So it evens out.) Anyways, Juanquine and Maria are really fun to teach, but we can really only even cover one principle per lesson, which makes it hard. They are leaving to Mexico this week for a while, but they said when they get back that they'll be baptized. So yippie!

We taught Sunny on Tuesday about Alma 7. He said he read it but didn't really retain much. We've figured out he has a really big coffee addiction, so we are planning on teaching him about the Word of Wisdom this week. He didn't come to church because he was working, and that was really Lame. The Tejadas are coming out with us again on Wednesday to teach him, so hopefully some former Stake President love will help us out!

I can't remember if I told you about Socorro last week or not, but she is a refferal we received from the Sunnyside branch. Her nephew just got baptized in Texas and he told her that she needs to go to the Mormon church. She sat in on the lessons with him so she knows about what we teach. She looked up by herself where a church was and went two Sundays there. We contacted her and she seems like she has a lot of potential. She's going out of town today for a wedding, but she should be back next week. We are excited to work with her to being baptized!

We had stake day of service this week and I swear I pulled out a million goat head plants. They were all over my shoes. And I got like three splinters and I was wearing gloves! Hermana Vazquez had fun pulling those out for me haha. Good Ol' comp unity!

We went on Exchanges this week and I took a Sister with me to five different Spanish only lessons! That was like really hared. And I get to do it again this week! Hahaa. Gift of Tongues. It's real people.

Anyways. Love you all a ton. have a good week!

Walking on the Street with Jesus, September 6, 2016

Hello Hello!

This week has been pretty great. We had a lot of meetings and seen a lot of miracles.

We were litterally out of miles this last week so we walked EVERYWHERE. We probably walked a good 10-15 miles everyday between appointments and contacting. It was pretty great. We got to talk to a ton of people, many who set up return appointments with us. We for-see more walking in our near future. 

On Thursday, Hermana Vazquez had MLC. I went to Richland and spent the day with Hermana Lovin, my not-so-ment-to-be MTC Companion! Haha. We had a pretty good time. Their area is really small, so we mainly contacted potentials and Less-Active Families all day. We came back to Grandview and contacted a referral from a Brother Davis for a Hermana Vazquez. We thought that was pretty funny...just us? Oh okay. She's really nice and we have a return appointment with her later this week.

On Fridays, we normally do weekly planning, but we had Zone Leadership Council and then six lessons scheduled. Needless to say, we did weekly planning on Saturday. Haha! The Mission as a whole is working on Goals and Accountability right now. We were talking a lot about how we can help the other missionaries set achievable goals and not get into the rut of discouragement. It was a pretty good meeting.  Saturday, we had the Zone meeting on it and we even got to watch a clip of Elder Anderson's training on it in the MTC when President White was there. It was really neat. I just love the General Authorities and hearing their wisdom. I am sooo excited for conference! It's just around the corner. Which is so crazy. 

Sunday Juanquin came to church as well as another one of our investigators, Lupe! We were pretty happy about that. Juanquin is progressing pretty well, he is just really old so it takes a while for things to stick. Also, he's got some sort of memory loss problem because he agrees with us on something then ten minutes later he'll say he doesn't believe that. Basically, He's the cutest old man. Lupe is the Mother of one of the members in the ward and she's also pretty old. We've been going over and watching some videos with her on the lessons. She understands a ton better that way. 

Yesterday we took the Tejadas out with us to go see Sunny. That was the best lesson ever! The Tejadas just moved from Peru about a month ago and Brother Tejada was the Stake President down there. So.. they are awesome Member Missionaries. On the drive there we told them what we were going to be teaching and the commitment we wanted to leave, and they basically taught the whole lesson, inspired questions and everything. AND DIDN'T GO ON A TANGENT. Miricles! Sunny prayed and he committed to come to church. Whoopie! Bascially, I love the Tejadas. 

Well, that sums up my week. Oh and yesterday we were in a parade in Prosser and that was pretty sweet. *See pics below* Love you all tons! Have a great week!

1. I saw this hairstyle in the Liahona, so I tried it haha. Turned out pretty good.
2-4. The Elder's car for the parade....We decorated it!

My Companera stabbed me with a fork! Aug 30, 2016

Hola! Happy Martes! Today was our zone's wonderful Temple Preparation Day! Hence why I am emailing today. Next week will also be a Tuesday Preparation Day because of Labor Day.

Anyways! This week went by super fast! We've had a couple lessons with Juanquin and Maria. This week. They are doing pretty well, Juanquin has a problem about believing in prophets, especially in this day and time. We have been helping him believe that, but it's a bit hard because he can't read the Book of Mormon because he's loosing his eye sight...or he just can't read. I'm not quite sure. But Juanquin came to church on Sunday and really liked it. 

Sunny is doing pretty well, the Elders came over and gave him a blessing because he has really bad knees and they have been acting up really bad while he is out working in the fields. (He also gave us like a billion apples, so we are very happy) We taught him with Hermana Slaugh about the restoration because we haven't seen him in awhile. He still is very believing, but he didn't want to commit to to pray about baptism because he knows what the answer is going to be. He's really scared to ask God question because I'm not quite sure how much he wants to change his life. 

We taught Hortencia about how she can be healed though Jesus Christ. She has a lot of mental illnesses and we left her with the talk by Elder Holland about that. 

We've taught Gia a couple of times this week about faith. We've been trying really hard to commit her to coming to church on Sundays. She gets called into work a lot on Sundays and we are trying to help her see the importance of actually going to church. 

We had this really awesome lesson with Serviano this week. He knelt down and prayed about being baptized and we just sat there in silence for a good while. We think he received his answer, but is really just being scared and not wanting to commit. We left him with a part of the Book of Mormon to read about relying on Christ and believing that all will work out in the end. 

We had two exchanges this week with the Benton City Sisters. So I spent Saturday in Benton with Hna Bergmann and Monday with Hna Jordan! I love Benton City. It's a cute little town and we found a street with my name on it! *See pics* Basically it was a pretty happy couple of days. Also, this week has been fun because we are litterally out of miles. We have been asking all the members for rides and walking EVERYWHERE. Being in the middle of no where in the country is really hard when you have no miles! 

We got to go to the temple today and that was the best! We woke up at 5:30 just to go and we got to see President White and basically it was amazing. Nothing like the peace the temple brings. 

Anyways, love you all. Have a fantastic week! Talk to you Tuesday!

The Hms in the GV, Aug 22, 2016

Hello Everyone!

So transfers were this past week and Hermana Lopez headed down to Hermiston and I recieved Hermana Vazquez! She's awesome and from Lake Dallas, Texas. She's a convert of a little over two years and I love her to pieces.

This week started off pretty slow because we were saying good-bye to all the members with Hermana Lopez. On Wednesday I went and picked up Hermana Vazquez and we got to work! We taught two lessons and found two new investigators. Juanquine and Maria are a 80 year old couple and they are super hilarious. We taught them in their backyard and there was a dead calf just laying there. At first we thought it was a dog, but nope. It was a baby cow. Lol. Anyways, the are planning a trip to mexico soon so they said if they are in town on the 17th of September they would be baptized! Yippie!

We've taught Gia twice this week. She hasn't been keeping her commitments, so we are struggling of knowing what to do to help her. We taught her about faith this week and read Enos with her. We are thinking of starting to teach her in spanish to help her understand more, but it's hard because her husband, Walt who is a member, doesn't speak Spanish. 

We taught Hortencia with Sister Slaugh this week. Hortencia is super confused because she has studied with so many different churches and really doesn't like organized religion. We are going to be going super slow and simple with her to help her undersatnd. We aren't sure how willing she is to change her life, but she says she feels the spirit really strong when she's with us. We aren't giving up just yet!

We taught Serviano this week about faith and how he can act on the faith he has to grow closer to God.  He's doing alright. We think he's drinking problem is a bit harder than he lets on. We're coming up with a plan to help him overcome that and start coming to church.

We taught this family from Chiapas! The mom's name is Lorena and she has 3 kids. A fourteen year old boy and a two girls who are nine and six. The fourteen year old, Rafael, was baptized when he was eight in Seatle. The family moved and couldn't find the church again. But we knocked into them! The nine year old, Haiti, is on date for the 17th. We are pretty excited to teach them all.

Today we woke up early and drove to Richland to wax our cars! It was actually a lot of fun. All of us misisonaries, waxing our cars in our nice clothes at the church. Then we ate donuts. (Yay!) That has pretty much been my week. Lvoe you all so much! Hasta Luego!
Les quiero!

The Spirit of God like a fire is burning...the Mountainside, Aug 1, 2016


These past couple of days has been crazy for us! Long story short, There is a huge fire in my area last night, almost burned down the entire mountain and the Elder's Apts. We got evacuated and spent the night with the Sisters a couple towns over. (Also why I am emailing early) It was pretty intense. You could see the flames from miles away and the entire mountain is burnt to a crisp. It burned down a lot of houses, including the Bishop in the Prosser Ward's house. Then in the city on the other side of us, SunnySide, there was another fire on that mountain! The entire valley we were in was filled with smoke and we couldn't see very well! So like the Spirit of God like a fire is burning.....the entire state of Washington.

But other than the fire, This week was pretty good! We started teaching this 16 year old JWs. His name is Jario and he has the sweetest spirit ever. He really just wants to understand and it's hard for him because everything we are teaching him goes ageist what he has learned his whole life.

We have also started teaching Hortencia. We found her last Sunday and she's super wonderful! She's been looking for a long time for the right church. We left her with a Book of Mormon and she said she would read it. We stopped by yesterday and she is super sick so we'll be catching up with her in a bit.

We also taught Rosalinda's family the Plan of Salvation. Rosalinda is on date for the 3rd of September. Will and Nancy are a bit harder to catch. Danny and Jonathon are super cute too. We read out of the picture book with them. Hopefully we can get the entire family on date pretty soon.

I've been studying Chapter Six of Preach My Gospel a lot this week. Isn't Christ like the best? I think it's so cool how you can't have Hope with out Faith. And you can't have Charity without Hope and Faith, and Vice Versa. Basically, Faith is pretty wonderful and everyone needs more of it. I feel that as I study that chapter, I am learning more and more about our Savior. He really is our best friend! I'm so grateful for him and all that he did.

Love you all so much. Have a fantastic week!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

1 and 2. Really old bag of Cheetos
3. Kittens while tracting
4. Selfie
5 & 6. Smoke pictures from the fire