Saturday, December 3, 2016

I Got Stung By A Wasp! November 1, 2016

Hola Hermanos y Hermanas! I hope you are all stuffed with as much Halloween candy as I am.

This week we've been able to teach some our our Part Member Families in the area. 
Maria Teresa and Jaime and doing well. We had dinner with them this week and they gave us Tacos (My favorite!) We shared with them about how families can be together forever in temples. Jaime's big thing is families. He loves his family and would do anything for them. We are hoping that he'll be able to get some time off of work so that he can meet with us more and come to church! 

We also met with Jenny and Samuel. They are both fairly recent converts (At least a year, maybe a bit more.) We taught Jenny and Samuel about baptism and they expressed to us that they have a ten year old son who hasn't been baptized and they want him to be baptized! Unfortunately, He was in the other room watching Futbol! Next time we go over, we are going to teach him! His name is Joshua. 

English classes have been picking up. This week we had about 4 people there each class. Which is awesome! Hopefully we can keep it growing.

On Sunday, one of the members in the branch told us a story about how when he was on his mission in Chile that it was pouring rain and him and his comp were soaked to the core. Then Sunday night, it was pouring rain on us! Our Spanish Mission Leader texted us and was like, ' I remembered Juan's story in church today and I just wanted to check up and make sure you are okay!' So sweet! He's also the member that has this sign on the back of his car: 'Do you follow Jesus this close?' lolol

Yesterday, we were out and about and talking to some kids on a porch just doing our missionary thing and WASP STUNG MY LEG. Like through my skirt and tights and everything! What a meany. We tried by formers as well that day. We had to be in by six because it was Halloween, so we watched the Tommy Monson Bio and The Joseph Smith Movie on Mormon Channel. #perksoflivingwithmemebrs #weloveroku

Love you all tons! Have a great week!

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