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Welcome to Farm Country! October 3, 2016

​Hola Familia!

CONFERENCE WAS THE BEST. If you think different, I invite you to ponder again;)
I just loved how it was so focused on how much our Father in Heaven really, truly loves each of us individually and personally. I know that it true. I have felt his love so strong while I've been serving for myself, my companions, and for the people we talk to everyday. He is aware of each one of us and he will be listening the second we open our mouths and hearts to speak and listen to him. 

So this week started out with my birthday! thanks for all the birthday wishes and love. So far, twenty is turning out to be pretty fab. It's not that much different than nineteen, but I'm still a missionary and that's fab. Haha! We spent the day packing and saying goodbye to the family in Grandview and Prosser. It's a good area. Hermana Vazquez will take good care of it!

Wednesday I was shipped off to Basin City! It is the cutest little town..well, it's not even a town or a city! The population is under 10,000 according to my mother, and they are well spread out! Everyone here is so kind and all are mostly members. They are some good people here. Hermana Macias is super sweet and we are looking to having a good transfer. 

My first day in Basin we taught a woman named Yolanda. She's a wife of a LA member is the Spanish branch and has some great potential. She's met with missionaries before, but it was in Spanish and she really didn't understand much. We taught her in English and it went over really well. She accepted a date to work towards for baptism. The 29th of October! We are excited to help this family strengthen their conversion to Christ and His Gospel. 

We're trying to start up English Classes again in this area, but it's being a bit difficult because the fields are still going 100% of the time. hopefully it will pick up as the time slows down. 

From Conference, Elder Rasband's talk really stood out to me because in this area, we have time to do Family History for two hours a week. So far, I have been able to grow my ancestry line by a couple generations and I've found more name that need their work done. I think Family History is one of the most important works there is out there! Also Elder Oaks was amazing. I would invite each of you to study how it can help you improve your personal missionary lives. I know that it's something we are going to be applying in this area to help set the members on fire with the spirit. The Lord is hastening his work and he is doing so now, so be a part of it!

Love you all amazingly so much. Have a great Missionary Day and A great Missionary Week!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

1. The Tejadas gave me a Peru Futbal Jersey for my Birthday. They are the best!
2. Hermana Vazquez made me breakfast on my birthday!
3. The Grey family! They remind me so much of home. I lvoe them!
4. The Tejadas and us
5. Hermana Vazquez and I at the transfer site
6. My new room (my bed is the yellow blanket)
7. My desk
9. Welcome to Basin City
10. Me and a puppy
11. The trailer park is where we spend our afternoons *Hipe vibes*

(Need to put in pics, but Papa Duke was "denied access" to Hermana Davis's Drive. :) )

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