Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"A Temple Trip and Two Sisters Stranded at Walmart" June 14, 2016

Hola Hola!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! This week we have been knocking and talking with everyone! AND IT'S HOT. Monday we got chased by a giant sheepdog and he shook slobber and mud all over us...then he peed on our car. Oh the joys of country road tracting.

On Wednesday I went on an exchange with Hermana Fristup. We went and got Ice Cream from McDonalds. Apparently they have good ice cream here and Now I forever crave it. It's freakin' hot up here folks! Hermana Lopez also had another leadership meeting, so I went with Sister Field for the day again. All the exchanges.

We finally got in with Rosalinda! She's doing good. she said she was going to come to church, but then when her ride showed up to get her, her kids told them that she went to work. So now the stuggle is real. We are still praying for her. 

Gia also was working on Sunday, so she didn't come to church either. we are seeing her tonight

But SERVIANO CAME TO CHURCH. He said he really liked it! We've taught him everything except tithing, and guess what the lesson was one. Tithing. haha. He seems pretty chill about it though. We plan on going more in depth with him on it soon.

 We also got to see Niki this week. We are going super slow and helping her really understand the basics so she can feel like she is understanding everything. 

Yesterday we just walked and talked with everyone. Tons of quality gospel conversations. Today we got to go to the temple! It was the best thing ever! I have missed it so much! Then we went shopping with Hermana Wade and her Greenie, Hermana Burgmann, and they accidentally left us at Walmart. so that's our life haha! 

Love you all tons and miss you all too. Have a good week!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

1. Selfie while driving. Don't worry, I'm watching the road!
2. Elder Valdez, Hermana Lopez and I after Correlation
3. Sunsets
4. The temple!
5. Hermana Burgmann, Hermana Wade, Me, and Hermana Lopez
6. Big sheepdog
7. Hermana Fristrup and I with our Ice cream​

"La Lucha es Real. Pon tu hombro a la lid!" June 6, 2016

Happy June Everyone! Summer is here and Washington is heating up. I'm so surprised all the grapes aren't raisins it's so hot. We've had a couple of days break 100 degrees this week and it's is insane. 

Gia came to church!!! Oh my the best thing of life. She came. After working a long shift. She came!!! Answers to fasts do happen my friends. She is improving so much we taught her more about Faith and Repentance this week. We're trying really hard to help her feel comfortable with the atonement and knowing that it's okay to mess up sometimes. In Relief Society, we talked about Elder Holland's talk from last conference. It was perfect for her! She said she really loved it. She was like, That first class was really boring, but I liked this one way more! Oh Gia. Always very honest with us. 

Serviano didn't come to church. Booo. We aren't sure why, we tried stopping by on Sunday evening to see if he was home, but no one was. We left a note and we are going to try by again later. He really just needs to come to church. 

We were able to do tons of tracting this week because all the appointments fell though! We went out Long Country Road tracting. My favorite thing ever! Took some pretty cool pictures. It's hard to capture the beauty of the country. There are just hills and hills of vineyards and orchards. So beautiful. And all the members give us cherries. I have never had so many cherries in my entire life.  

Hermana Lopez had MLC, so I went on a mini exchange with Sister Field! She's super sweet and what I thought would be a day in a white ward ended up being a lesson in Spanish and 2 Spanish quality gospel conversations in the middle of Richland! Sister Field has been in that area for 3 transfers and she said she has never ran into any Spanish people. The Lord puts people into our path when we can speak their language I guess! I got to go to Zone Leadership Meeting and then we had Zone Training Council the next day. We gave a training on the faith to find. Always praying to find new people and talking to everyone! That is our goal. 

Well that was our week! Next week I'll be emailing on Tuesday because of a temple trip #wahooo! So talk to you on the 14th! Les Quiero!

1.  Vineyards
2. more vineyards
3. some trailers we were knocking. Trailer parks in the middle of no where! #goldmine
4. I saw a duck in Richland!!!!!! I love Ducks!
5. Sister Field and I
6. Sunset
7. Sunday Selfie
Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission