Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year!...Almost!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did! We went over to a RC Sandy's house to skype our families and then we had dinner with a family from Costa Rica! They made us Ham and potatoes. It was basically the best thing ever. Then we went Caroling as a district to the members homes. People here are so nice! I love this ward.

On Christmas Eve we had a day full of lessons. and they all fell through. Hermana Wade says like everyday, "The Lord has a plan for us!" and he does! and he did! We called up a potential Carlos and he was home! We went over to his house and taught him the first lesson and he agreed to baptism! He is currently on date and he is so excited! We taught himSaturday as well. He just accepts everything really well and has already read el Libro de Mormon everyday! He is awesome and soo prepared by the Lord. We had a lesson with a girl named Jessica this week and she has a 6 year old boy named Cesar. She has so much faith! She kept telling us how she knows we are servants of the lord. LIke when we came to her house the sun came out and the sky was blue. She can feel the spirit with us so strong. But she doesn't want to go to church! Ahhh. We are continuing to work with her and hopefully get her to church soon. She is fantastic. We taught Jose this week and set a date for...THE FIRST OF JANUARY. Estoy pumped!! He is so ready. I'm so excited for him. He has been coming to church for three months now, so it should be pretty great.
On Sunday we were able to go to Hermana Wade's previous area Connell for a baptism of a girl named Haleigh that she taught. It was soooo happy. Baptisms are happy! People are happy! I love being a missionary! It's hard, but the moments of joy just make it that much better. I love being a missionary! I love all of you and hope you all have a fantastic week and a Happy New Year!

With Hermana Wade

Columbia River Temple, Washington

Hey Santa!

With President Ware

Missionary Selfie!

Caroling with the district! (Elder Matalolo, Elder stevens, Elder Davison, Elder Sedrick, Hermana Smith, Hermana Miranda, Hermana Wade, me!)

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2015

¡Feliz Navidad!

Hola Hermanas y Hermanos! Como Esta? 

This week has been a struggle with the weather! Snow, hail, rain, sunshine, It's practically Utah! We had Christmas Zone Conference this week and it was AMAZING. I love Christmas! We also watched this long slide show of pictures from the mission this year. I recognized like 5 people in it, haha! I love the Christmas season. All of you need to go watch #ASaviorIsBorn video if you haven't and share it on all the social media! It's so important. I love Jesucristo and am so grateful for al that he has done for each one of us! It's because of him we can live with our families forever in happiness. Please share it and write your testimony of him with it. Then email me back you experiences:) 
This week we got handed off a new investigator who just moved into our area! His name is Jose and he knows the church is true! He asks tons of questions about the gospel and really justs wants to understand everything.  He Won't set a date for baptism though. We can't figure out why, we are meeting with him again this week though. Aldo y Rich came to church again! We've had lessons with them this week as well. They are super nice and Aldo asks lots of questions. Rich is more shy, but he is reading and is agreeing to keep meeting with us. Aldo called us on the phone today and was laughing at our Spanish...haha we are improving poco a poco. Marcelino couldn't come to church again because of work, but he is still meeting with us and he came to the Christmas Party.
The Ward Christmas Party this week! It was the biggest party I've ever seen! And Longest! We had a huge dinner and then they put on this play and they made all the missionaries in the ward come up and join the choir! (Bless their hearts, but singing is a struggle for this ward) Then they made us sing a song by ourselves! Ah! It was good though, luckily most of us can carry a tune. 
We've knocked a lot this week and have had a bunch of doors shut on us because of football, so they better have been good games! But the gospel is more important than football. So tell your friends.
Like I said earlier, please share the Savior is Born video! I know you can have a great experience with it if you do. Remember the real meaning of Christmas and think about what gift you can give him this year. Merry Christmas and Keep Praying! Luke 2:11 :)
Feliz Navidad!
Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 2 in WA!

This week has been really fun. I can't believe it's already Monday! The week just flew by. We have been meeting a ton of people! Everyone is so different and live their lives different. But they all need the gospel! But unfortunately, they don't all know that! We met this woman Karla and she agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! Woot! We have a lesson with her tomorrow. She is super ready. We met with Marcelino twice this week, and he prayed!! He doesn't know if he has gotten an answer, but he's improving and that's all that counts! We met this man named Santiago. He has two kids that live in California, so he is out of town for the next two weeks, but he really wanted us to come back and teach him when he gets home again. We met these men, Rich, Victor, y Aldo. Rich and Aldo came to church this week! We are having our first lesson with them on Wednesday. Rich seems more interested than the other two, but hopefully they will all come around. They seemed to like church though! Yesterday we went and visited a less active named Catalina. We were talking to her and she said she can notice a difference in her life when she goes to church and when she doesn't. And when she prays and when she doesn't, but she kept saying, "No Quiero." My heart was breaking for her. I almost starting crying. She knows what is right, but doesn't want to change. It was really sad, but she said we can come back and talk with her more. She said she might start reading the book of Mormon again. So let's hope she does!
That's basically what my week has been. Like I said, it feels like it hasn't been a week at all! Spanish is coming, but it is still really hard. Mostly everyone we talk to asks me if I speak Spanish because I am really bad at conjugation. But Poco a Poco! It's coming. I'm more comfortable starting conversations now! I just have no idea what they are saying haha. It's cool. Well anyways, enjoy your week and stay warm and safe! Merry Christmas!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hola From Washington! December 7, 2015

Hey Everyone!
So drum roll....I'm serving in Pasco! Pasco 5th ward to be more specific. That ward has four sets of missionaries bc that's how booming it is! My area is really same, but packed with people ready to receive the gospel. My companion's name is Hermana Wade from Draper, Utah. She actually lives around the corner from President Ware! So that's pretty neat. She went to Corner Canyon and played the flute there. She's great and has only been in the mission since July. She didn't speak much Spanish in here last area so we are trying to learn this together. lol!
The first couple days in the field have been cray. On our first night we met the Bishop and the Ward mission leader. Tons of Spanish that I don't really understand...haha. But! They are way nice and smile a lot. So that's good! On Thursday night we had dinner with the Leal family. We actually went to the wrong Leal house first but we found our way. They fed us non-spicy food so Wahoo! They said my pronunciation was good. I just don't know a lot of vocab. btw it's freezing here. It snowed like a foot on my second day. It all melted, and now it's raining. Yay Washington! We only had one progressing investigator when we got our area bc they just split it. So we spend a lot of time finding! We've found like five people though this weekend!

   Lupe is an older lady who has so much faith! She has been through a lot and really loved having us over.
  Salvador y Maria have the cutest little kids. They have 3 kids under the age of 5. Salvador agreed to progress to baptism on Jan 2nd! We are teaching them again this week and I know that they will come to know the truth very quickly.
   Silva is sooo sweet. She's in her 50s and has been praying for a long time to know what church is true. And then we came knocking! She was so excited to read eLdeM! She kept asking what she could do the know. I loved meeting her and I am excited to help her more.
  We met two Men who just moved here from Mexico two months ago! Victor y Rich. They don't know any English. At all. But! They were really excited to go to church next week. (We met them Sunday night) 
   Maria y Moris are two people that we met while tracking. They are catholic but they liked what we said about Jose Smith. They said we can come by their house on Wednesday to talk to them more. 
   We also met this one family that we can't remember their names. But! They were really interested in the gospel and they said they would read eLdeM. We are meeting with them again tonight
   Marcelino is the progressing investigator the Elders were teaching before transfers. He has a lot of faith in the bible and wants to know if our church is true, but hasn't read the eLdeM as of Friday. He said he would read it though. He has come to church for two weeks now and he really likes it there. He just needs to read. He had a date for baptism, but because of transfers and him not having a lesson for a week we need to set a new date with him. He really likes the people in the ward and I know he'll come to know the truth once he reads.
  We've met a few English people that have wanted to know more, but we've referred them to the other missionaries.
Well That's how my week has been. Thanks for the love!
my address is for letters and packages:

Sister Elizabeth Lynn Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission
8202 W Quinault Ave Ste D
Kennewick, WA 99336
los quiro!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

She arrived - December 2, 2015

Dear Missionary Family,

We are delighted to inform you that your missionary has arrived safely to the Washington Kennewick Mission.  We already love them and are excited to serve with them.  We have enjoyed becoming acquainted with them and are confident that they will become an effective instrument in the hands of the Lord in sharing the gospel with the people of Washington and Oregon.

We have assigned them a companion who is an experienced, devoted, and motivated missionary.  All of our missionaries understand that one of the greatest privileges available in the mission is to train a new missionary.  This first companion will be a special person in your missionary’s life and will help give them a great start here.

We feel that our greatest responsibility is the care and welfare of your child.  We want to assure you that we will be in regular contact with them.  We will be observant of their physical health, happiness and spiritual well-being.  We will work closely with them throughout the mission to help them succeed and fulfill their calling as a representative of the Church and as an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Please be assured that we will be in contact with you if we encounter any concerns that would call for your attention.  We see you as a great asset to the success of your missionary while they are serving here and will work closely with you if the need arises.  You would help us immensely by informing us of any changes to address, phone number or email for you, your bishop or your stake president.  We want to keep our records current so that we can keep in touch whenever necessary.

Attached are photographs of your missionary taken with us at the welcome dinner at the mission home, along with a map of the mission.  Please feel free to contact us at the mission office with any questions that you may have.

Thank you for the sacrifices you are making at home to have your missionary in the field.  We have seen the Lord bless the families of missionaries who are serving in untold ways.  We know that His blessings will be upon you as well.

With love,
   Pres Ware                                        Sis Ware
President Boyd S. Ware                                                       Sister Linda P. Ware

Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 27.. Give Thanks in All Things!

¡Hola Hermanos y Hermanas!

So basically your last week en la CCM es cray! Especially when it is the week of Thanksgiving because your schedule makes no sense what so ever. ESPECIALLY if your P-day is on Thursday. They basically took away our study time all week and spread our P-Day through out the week. 

In sacrament meeting here, they just call random missionaries from the Branch to come and give like a five minute talk in Español. Like two seconds before you go up. So guess who they called on this Sunday...That's right. ME. And I was also the chorister for the meeting. I stood up and down prolly like 5 times! Anyways, everyone said my talk went super well. They all understood what I was saying, so I suppose that´s a plus!  I spoke on Fe en Jesucristo y su Expecíon. I just love how Jesús knows exactly how we feel. All the time. We are never alone and I think that is the most beautiful thing. The Sunday Night Devotional we had this uber funny guy come and talk with us. Steven B. Allen who is the Managing Director of the Missionary Department. He was hilarious. He had everyone stand up and down for different questions, like who is speaking a different language, who has been here 8 weeks, stuff like that. But the funniest question he asked was Who has been Dear John´d while at el CCm? LOL! We all could not stop laughing because actually a decent chunk of people stood up. He taught us that Satan is going to hit us hard. He is so mad us rn. But he said he will be very sneaky. We have to be very careful so we are aware of him in our lives. He also challenged us if you are struggling to get out of bed in the morning to yell, NOT TODAY SATAN. I have heard that so many times this week it´s crazy! We can not listen to Satan! He wants us to quit. He wants us to give up. We have to push through it. 

On Tuesday we went to the temple in the morning and then had our last class with Hermana Ellison bc she flew home to Cali for Thanksgiving. It was super sad. We took a group picture with all of our favorite Names of the Savior. It was totes adorbs btw! In Choir that night, Hermana Eggett was talking to us about the disciples in the crazy storm and one of them asking the Savior, Lord! Carest thou that we perish? and he said something that I want to share with you. He said If you join The Savior, he will calm the winds and waves of your life. The Lord does care. All he is doing is waiting for us to ask. He will descend to the depths of the sea to save us. In the Devotional we heard from Elder Jorge F. Zeballos of the seventy. He shared his 4 keys that he thinks are important to missionary work, Understand y live the missionary purpose. Teach the gospel of Jesucristo by el Espíritu. Love the people. Work Diligently. He went on in more detail about these things, but I know they can apply to everyone, not just missionaries! Live your purpose all the time! Remember who you are and always act well thy part. 

Wednesday I actually meet an Elder going to my mission and that was awesome! The first person I´ve met! Everyone I meet is going to Yakama! But I finally met someone! And I don´t even remember his name. lol srry bout it. That was basically the high light of Wednesday. We had In Field training all day long and when we didn´t, we had Training for the service project! 

So Thursday Morning we had Elder Dallin H. Oaks come and speak to us! It was the best. His whole family came and they were the cuuutest. Of course, he talked about being grateful, but he said it in such a great way. He really just wanted us to be grateful for ALL things that the Lord has blessed us with. He forgets not his own. Ah. ¡Es Perfecto! Then we had a service project. We worked with Feeding Children Everywhere and the CCM was able to package 357,000 plus meals for Utah Food Bank! Each meal feeds six people. It was amazing! It was fantastic. We had a talent show in the night and t was really cool. Got to clap in the CCm which was weird...but good. 

Well Hermanos y Hermanas, I fly out of Utah on Tuesday Afternoon! Estoy pumped to finally get to Washington!..Even thought I have no clue what I am doing, I am excited. Thanks for all the love and support. You are fantastico. ¡Adios mi Amigos!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission