Monday, December 21, 2015

¡Feliz Navidad!

Hola Hermanas y Hermanos! Como Esta? 

This week has been a struggle with the weather! Snow, hail, rain, sunshine, It's practically Utah! We had Christmas Zone Conference this week and it was AMAZING. I love Christmas! We also watched this long slide show of pictures from the mission this year. I recognized like 5 people in it, haha! I love the Christmas season. All of you need to go watch #ASaviorIsBorn video if you haven't and share it on all the social media! It's so important. I love Jesucristo and am so grateful for al that he has done for each one of us! It's because of him we can live with our families forever in happiness. Please share it and write your testimony of him with it. Then email me back you experiences:) 
This week we got handed off a new investigator who just moved into our area! His name is Jose and he knows the church is true! He asks tons of questions about the gospel and really justs wants to understand everything.  He Won't set a date for baptism though. We can't figure out why, we are meeting with him again this week though. Aldo y Rich came to church again! We've had lessons with them this week as well. They are super nice and Aldo asks lots of questions. Rich is more shy, but he is reading and is agreeing to keep meeting with us. Aldo called us on the phone today and was laughing at our Spanish...haha we are improving poco a poco. Marcelino couldn't come to church again because of work, but he is still meeting with us and he came to the Christmas Party.
The Ward Christmas Party this week! It was the biggest party I've ever seen! And Longest! We had a huge dinner and then they put on this play and they made all the missionaries in the ward come up and join the choir! (Bless their hearts, but singing is a struggle for this ward) Then they made us sing a song by ourselves! Ah! It was good though, luckily most of us can carry a tune. 
We've knocked a lot this week and have had a bunch of doors shut on us because of football, so they better have been good games! But the gospel is more important than football. So tell your friends.
Like I said earlier, please share the Savior is Born video! I know you can have a great experience with it if you do. Remember the real meaning of Christmas and think about what gift you can give him this year. Merry Christmas and Keep Praying! Luke 2:11 :)
Feliz Navidad!
Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

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