Monday, December 7, 2015

Hola From Washington! December 7, 2015

Hey Everyone!
So drum roll....I'm serving in Pasco! Pasco 5th ward to be more specific. That ward has four sets of missionaries bc that's how booming it is! My area is really same, but packed with people ready to receive the gospel. My companion's name is Hermana Wade from Draper, Utah. She actually lives around the corner from President Ware! So that's pretty neat. She went to Corner Canyon and played the flute there. She's great and has only been in the mission since July. She didn't speak much Spanish in here last area so we are trying to learn this together. lol!
The first couple days in the field have been cray. On our first night we met the Bishop and the Ward mission leader. Tons of Spanish that I don't really understand...haha. But! They are way nice and smile a lot. So that's good! On Thursday night we had dinner with the Leal family. We actually went to the wrong Leal house first but we found our way. They fed us non-spicy food so Wahoo! They said my pronunciation was good. I just don't know a lot of vocab. btw it's freezing here. It snowed like a foot on my second day. It all melted, and now it's raining. Yay Washington! We only had one progressing investigator when we got our area bc they just split it. So we spend a lot of time finding! We've found like five people though this weekend!

   Lupe is an older lady who has so much faith! She has been through a lot and really loved having us over.
  Salvador y Maria have the cutest little kids. They have 3 kids under the age of 5. Salvador agreed to progress to baptism on Jan 2nd! We are teaching them again this week and I know that they will come to know the truth very quickly.
   Silva is sooo sweet. She's in her 50s and has been praying for a long time to know what church is true. And then we came knocking! She was so excited to read eLdeM! She kept asking what she could do the know. I loved meeting her and I am excited to help her more.
  We met two Men who just moved here from Mexico two months ago! Victor y Rich. They don't know any English. At all. But! They were really excited to go to church next week. (We met them Sunday night) 
   Maria y Moris are two people that we met while tracking. They are catholic but they liked what we said about Jose Smith. They said we can come by their house on Wednesday to talk to them more. 
   We also met this one family that we can't remember their names. But! They were really interested in the gospel and they said they would read eLdeM. We are meeting with them again tonight
   Marcelino is the progressing investigator the Elders were teaching before transfers. He has a lot of faith in the bible and wants to know if our church is true, but hasn't read the eLdeM as of Friday. He said he would read it though. He has come to church for two weeks now and he really likes it there. He just needs to read. He had a date for baptism, but because of transfers and him not having a lesson for a week we need to set a new date with him. He really likes the people in the ward and I know he'll come to know the truth once he reads.
  We've met a few English people that have wanted to know more, but we've referred them to the other missionaries.
Well That's how my week has been. Thanks for the love!
my address is for letters and packages:

Sister Elizabeth Lynn Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission
8202 W Quinault Ave Ste D
Kennewick, WA 99336
los quiro!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

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