Monday, February 22, 2016

Hola Mis Amigos

This week has been wonderful!
Marcelino is doing wonderful! He is so great, we are teaching him again tonight and hopefully we can figure out the reason he doesn't want to accept a date. But he is heading twards the right path!
Rosario is going to be baptized this week! (Hopefully) Haha, You almost never know anything when you have two baby twins. She couldn't come to Stake Conference this weekend because Ruby had a fever. So that was a bummer, but she is still really excited for Saturday.
So we found this Duck Pond in our area this week and we went today to take picture. I LOVE DUCKS. They are seriously soo cute. It's right by the river too, so we just had a mini photo shoot again. bc porque no?:)
We are having a bit of a struggle finding new people because everyone is Catholic! And then they won't listen because, oh I'm Catholic, but it's so wonderful that you are sharing the word. My neighbor needs God, go talk to them! Blah blah. We aren't talking to you because you are an active Mormon! Haha. So pray to help us find some new investigators in our area.
Aldo is alive! He is just really sick. Hopefully we can teach him in the next couple of days. He called us the other night and Hermana Wade was in the bathroom, so I had Hermana Cortez help me (Because I can't understand over the phone very well.) Aldo asked where Hermana Wade was and Hermana Cortes told him that she was lost. Then he said She's lost?! Then go find her! and then we said she's fine, calm down, and then he said that's weird and hung up! He then texted us this text that said something like, See you never. Like Hasta nucha. and We. Flipped. Out. He wouldn't answer our calls and his roommates said in was California and it was crazy. Then we called him like two days later and he awnsered. He said he hadn't called us because he has been super sick, and that that text was ment for someone in Mexico. Haha He thought it was funny. We were so mad, but like not, but yea. It was great. Then he told us that he had been praying that Hermana Wade would be found because she was lost! Hahahahaa. We were dying of laughter. So aldo esta bien.
Trasnfers are this week, so we shall see what happens to us! We know one thing for sure, We will be where Heavenly Father wants us! Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lovin' the ghetto!

Hola Hola!

This week has been so great! We had the regional broadcast and that was FANTASTIC! Elder Redland and his wife are just goals. He spoke on how the Restoration is the way to start answers to all questions about the gospel. "Why don't you drink coffee?" Well, There was this boy in 1820....and it's though revelation from a prophet that we know not to drink coffee. Basically the best. He might be one of my favorite apostles now. Jk, I love them all! 

On Tuesday we had Zone Council and we talked a lot about Faith, prayer, and the atonement. Seriously Christ's Atonement is the best gift! We have the change to become better people everyday. It's wonderful. 

We taught Maria twice this week and she was pretty interesting in reading from the book of Mormon. She still isn't sure about the priesthood, but that will come when she know the Book of Mormon is true. So she isn't on date yet, but she's getting there. Poco a poco:) 

We had service at 2nd Harvest and that was basically so much fun. 2nd Harvest is just like a food drive kinda place where farmers can donate rejected food and we box it and send it to a food bank. This last week we sorted Cheetos and apples. So party! We had a giant box of reject Cheetos and Hermana Cortez was going off about how we are feeding pigs all these Cheetos and there are kids in Africa starving. Basically pretty great.

Marcelino came to the broadcast yesterday and seemed to enjoy it. He isn't reading from the Book of Mormon, but he feels like the church is right. He is hesitant about baptism because of his work. He can't get every Sunday off and he feels bad about it. 

Rosario is awesome as always. We had a lesson with her and she basically bore her testimony about how God has a plan for her and for everyone. She sees how parts of her life have prepared her for joining the church and is excited to do so on the 27! 

We taught Eva and Ephraim this week. Eva is a member and they both come to church. Ephraim wants to get baptized, but he can't because they are living together and not married. They can't get married because of divorce issues. Kinda complicated. So we are working with them. 

Jesus Christ is the best Valentine and I love serving him here! Buenos Suerte con su semana! Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mexican Food is Amazing!

Hola Hermanas y Hermanos! Come le va?
This week has been wonderful! We have been going out on Mexican Monday with the other sisters in the Zone. Basically we just go get food together on Monday. Last week we got Pouposas from El Salvador and those were amazing. This week we got Tortas and oh my those are perfection. Just so good.
Rosario is getting baptized!! Because of this amazing lesson. okay. We were walking down the street to Rosario's house and Hermana Gamez drove by us and we waved and then she pulled ovber and was like, "Where are you going? A Lesson! Do you have a member? No! I'm coming with you!" Basically she is the greatest. So we went and taught Rosario. Hermana Gamez is like the most bold person ever. She's amazing! She says everything with love. She basically taught the whole lesson about the atonement and how Rosario needs to find out for herself and then act on her answer. Then Rosario said she already knew the church was true. So Hermana Gamez said "okay, well when are you getting baptized? The 13th? Wonderful. At what time? 7? great! Hermanas did you write that down. Good!" Lol. She's great! Pero, there is a stake danceon Saturday (boo teenagers and Valentine's Day) so we have to change it, but she is set on being baptized really soon.
Funny story. So we were on exchanges and I was with Hermana Bland in our area so I had to drive. So I put my license and tiwi card in my pocket. We were knocking door and I went to give this man a pass along card and I pulled out my license! I almost gave away my license as a pass along card!! Ahhh. Hermana Bland and I about peed our pants crying. Best thing.
Love you all very much and hope you have a great Valentine's Day! Christ is the best Valentine btw. #missionarylife

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Monday, February 1, 2016

Aldo's in.....Cali?

This week has been really great! We had Zone Conference and just normal stuff, but....
MIRACLES ARE REAL. So last Monday Night we found out Aldo was in California! He went there randomly and he didn't know when he was going to come back. He said at the latest Friday. Which is a problem when he needs to be baptized; and he still wanted to be! So on Thursday we asked him all the interview questions over the phone and then set his interview for kinda Friday night. He called us at 8:30 on Friday and said, I'm in Pasco! He still had to work in the morning, but he said he would be home by 3:30, so we set his interview for 4pmand his baptism at 7. (note planning a baptism in less then 24 hrs is hard)
Then Saturday Morning we went to Connel for a baptism of one of Hermana Wade's old investigators. We came back and had correlation andtried to get into the Family History Center, but they changed the locks. We had to go to a member's house to make the programs and print everything. Then we had a lesson with Rosa. She is kinda progressing, but not much. She's reading but doesn't really want to do much more than that. It was 3:55 so we drove to Aldo's apartment to make sure he was ready to go! BUT HE WASN'T HOME AND HIS PHONE WAS GOING STRAIGHT TO VOICE MAIL. ahhhhhhh. Hermano Gomez (WML)  showed up to give him a ride to the church, but since we couldn't get a hold of him we thought all was lost. We then went and visited a family with Hno Gomez. We kept calling Aldo, but he still wasn't answering! We said like 3 prayers and decided that we need to act in faith so that we could receive a miricle. (Because You receive a blessing after the trial of your faith!) So we got out of the car and went and knocked on one door, talked to them, and they once we started walking away, ALDO CALLED US. PRAYER WORKS MY FRIENDS ACTS OF FAITH ARE REAL. Aldo got stuck at work, but he would be home by 5. We set a interview up at 6. We rushed to the church to start filling the font. Aldo and the Elders came to church by 6:25 and then the interview started and Hermana Wade and I went to go set up the baptism. By 7:10 the room was full of members sand Aldo and Elder Thompson were still in the interview! Do you know how stressful it is to be sitting in a room waiting for a baptism and not knowing if it is actually going to happen?! Very! But then at 7:30, they came out and Elder Thompson gave us the thumbs up and I don't think I have ever been so relived. Then.....ALDO WAS BAPTIZED. A day of miracles my friends. A crazy day! But so rewarding. Then on Sunday after church, Aldo was able to talk to his family in Mexico! He told them about his baptism and he is so excited to share the gospel with them. Isn't the gospel great?!
The Church is true. Christ lives. Long week, but many blessings!:)

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Aldo after  his baptism!

Hermano Sanchez and Aldo after his baptism!