Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lovin' the ghetto!

Hola Hola!

This week has been so great! We had the regional broadcast and that was FANTASTIC! Elder Redland and his wife are just goals. He spoke on how the Restoration is the way to start answers to all questions about the gospel. "Why don't you drink coffee?" Well, There was this boy in 1820....and it's though revelation from a prophet that we know not to drink coffee. Basically the best. He might be one of my favorite apostles now. Jk, I love them all! 

On Tuesday we had Zone Council and we talked a lot about Faith, prayer, and the atonement. Seriously Christ's Atonement is the best gift! We have the change to become better people everyday. It's wonderful. 

We taught Maria twice this week and she was pretty interesting in reading from the book of Mormon. She still isn't sure about the priesthood, but that will come when she know the Book of Mormon is true. So she isn't on date yet, but she's getting there. Poco a poco:) 

We had service at 2nd Harvest and that was basically so much fun. 2nd Harvest is just like a food drive kinda place where farmers can donate rejected food and we box it and send it to a food bank. This last week we sorted Cheetos and apples. So party! We had a giant box of reject Cheetos and Hermana Cortez was going off about how we are feeding pigs all these Cheetos and there are kids in Africa starving. Basically pretty great.

Marcelino came to the broadcast yesterday and seemed to enjoy it. He isn't reading from the Book of Mormon, but he feels like the church is right. He is hesitant about baptism because of his work. He can't get every Sunday off and he feels bad about it. 

Rosario is awesome as always. We had a lesson with her and she basically bore her testimony about how God has a plan for her and for everyone. She sees how parts of her life have prepared her for joining the church and is excited to do so on the 27! 

We taught Eva and Ephraim this week. Eva is a member and they both come to church. Ephraim wants to get baptized, but he can't because they are living together and not married. They can't get married because of divorce issues. Kinda complicated. So we are working with them. 

Jesus Christ is the best Valentine and I love serving him here! Buenos Suerte con su semana! Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

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