Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hello from the Great Land of Walla Walla! February 6, 2017

Hello from the great land of Walla Walla!

This week has been crazy for sure! With transfers and MLC...so much has happened! But hey, we just work as hard a we can and we can rest when we're dead, right? :)

Hermana Jordan is amazing. She has such a strong testimony and a desire to work. She was SUPER sad to leave Benton City and Hermana Stewart (her greenie) But she is adjusting well to the Walla Walla Lifestyle. haha! 

The area is doing well. The familia de Alan didn't make it to church this week. They said they had some family issue in Yakama to take care of and didn't get back to Walla until 6am Sunday morning. We have a lesson with them tomorrow and the whole family should be there for us to teach them. Fingers crossed.

We also found a new investigator named Petra! We've been able to teach her twice since then. She is interested in learning more and trying to find out the path that God has for her. So we are excited to keep helping her!

That's the area! We had a bunch of meeting this week and Transfers! Which made for a crazy week. So hopefully I'll have more to write next week!

I'm so grateful for this chance I have to serve the lord in this part of his vineyard! I know that this gospel is true and it can change lives. I've seen it. 

Have a great week!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Four Day Update --- Transfers! January 30, 2017

Transfer update!
Hermana Villena will be transfered to Grandview, WA training a new missionary! Hermana Davis will be receiving Hermana Jordan and will be STL Training her in Walla Walla.

So now that transfers is our of the way! These days have been crazy! Well, I guess every day seems to be crazy.

Friday and Saturday. The new schedule thing is messing us up. It feels so weird to be studying inside at 2pm. Also, not starting studies at 8am makes you feel like you are a sinner. Good thing this change came Before I go home! I would have been a wreck to not have a set schedule. We were able to find two new investigators on Saturday

Laura is great. It was kinda crazy to teach her though. She has three boys under the age of 4 so that was cray cray. We'll be bringing a member with us next time to help keep the peace lol. Petra is awesome! She is a mother of three kids, but they go to their Dad's on the weekends. We knocked into her and she received us super well. We were able to teach her the restoration and she had a TON of questions about infant baptism because her kids haven't been baptized. So we read Moroni 8 with her. She accepted that pretty well! She agreed to pray about baptism for herself. 

Yesterday was wonderful because we were able to teach La Familia de Alan! We watched the Restoration movie with them and then talked about the atonement and how we can be cleansed through Jesus Christ. We are super excited for their family.

I love you all! This church is the truest thing i know on this earth. I know that more than I know apples fall off trees. I know our Savior loves us and wants us to have real joy in this life. I'll talk to you next Monday!

1. Me with Gordo, a member's dog
2. I'm standing by a sign that says no standing. haha

10 day update! January 26, 2017

Hello everyone! it has been a long ten days since we last spoke...so I'll get right on down to what's been going on in Walla Walla Spanish!

The snow melted! Hopefully it stays that way! We had this crazy hot wind storm last Wednesday that melted it all. Some people say there is another one coming, I say no! My toes cannot handle any more snow! 

Last Thursday we had interviews with President White! We talked a ton about open communication. Super spiritual as always.

La Familia de Alan!! Ah! Their ten year old son, Antonio got appendicitis! So he has been in the hospital for the past week!! :( They couldn't come to church or the pine wood derby activity after Antonio made his car.. Super SAD. We have visited them a couple of time throughout the week to read with them. It's tough, but little Toni is taking it like a champ.

Hermana Villena and I gave a training on talking with everyone and quality gospel conversations. It was super good! We shared a lot about the doctrine behind it with some awesome scriptures. Read Heb 6:10-15 Awesome. The church is true.

I went on an exchange in Pendleton with Hna Quiroz! She's so amazing. We invited one of their investigators to be baptized and she said yes! We also taught my long lost LA uncle Brother Davis! (not really my uncle)

I also went on an exchange with Sister Cooper in my area! We were able to talk to a lot of people and send off a really great referral for the English elders! 

Yesterday, there was a world wide missionary broadcast!! They changed the missionary daily schedule and they key indicator system! Basically there is no more nightly planning. We wake up at 6:30 am, work out and get ready, plan for 30 minutes, and then have an hour of Personal Study. We head out at 10 am. We are able to put in Comp study and lang Study in throughout the day where ever it fits best. We come home and nine and go straight to bed! (After prays and journal writing of course!0 WE GET MORE SLEEP. The church is true my friends. We also are only tracking four key indicators now. Baptisms & confirmations, People at church, On-dates, and New investigators. Really cool changes. 

Ah! the Lord is working miracles in our lives! He truly loves each one of us. I know that he loves YOU. He does. If you don't believe me....ASK HIM.

Enjoy the pics of this week. Temple trip, district council and other things. BYE. I LOVE YOU!!

It's really cold outside! January 17, 2017

We've gotten more snow this week. Haven't really been allowed to drive that much, so we've been walking around a lot in this freezing cold weather. It's great. We actually do love it because we have seen so many miracles come from our efforts!

We have been knocking and walking and sending so many referrals but we finally have some good families we are teaching!

La Familia Rameriez is pretty cool. Mom, Dad, and three daughters. We've taught them one lesson and they said they would be willing to read and pray. We'll be following up with them later this week.

La Familia Castellano is great! We were able to teach their mom a little about the plan of salvation. She has a ton of questions about what happens after this life. We have a lesson with her tomorrow. They have three boys.

La Familia de Alan (They all have different last names) ARE WONDERFUL. They came to church on Sunday and LOVED it! They are progressing really well. Yesterday Hermana Villena taught them on exchanges and they said they really liked church. Hermana Hilary prayed to know if it's true, but it still waiting for her answer. We love them! Family is Alan, Hillary and their two sons Richardo and Antonio.

Yesterday I went on an exchange with Hermana Pierson in Pendleton. It's so hilly and icy! It was like 3 degrees all day long. Super cold. We were able to teach a Less active named Brother Davis! My long lost uncle haha. 

Well I love you all! I know that this church is true and I'm so happy to be sharing this message with everyone. Hard work really does being miracles and joy. BYE

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Snow. Meetings. Baptisms! - January 9, 2017

MAN. There is a ton of snow in Walla Walla! Well, actually probably not, but it feel that way because they don't plow the roads!!!

This week has been SO WONDERFUL. Kinda a roller coaster of things. 

This week I was able to attend my very first Mission Leadership Council! So much spiritual things in such a sort hour. I think I slept the hardest on my mission that night. Our Mission is focusing a lot on faith and how to help our new investigators reach baptism. We find a lot of people, but they fall of the planet a lot. We had some really cool trainings on "Keeping the Line tight" like when your fishing! Pretty cool.

Thursday we had Zone Leadership Council and then on Friday we had Zone Training Council. (I know. So many meetings.) We gave the training on how to keep the line tight by explaining what their commitments are better after they accept a baptismal date.

SATURDAY. Crazy. So we got up early and drove out to BASIN CITY. Joshua, Samantha, AND JAIME got baptized!! I was expecting Joshua and Samantha, but I showed up and Jaime got baptized as well! Hermana Bergmann and I found him about two weeks before I left. So that was a very happy baptism day:) We raced home with our member through a huge snow storm and arrive just in time for another baptism in Milton Freewater of one of Hermana Villena's past investigators. Crazy white day! 

Saturday night, because of the snow, we weren't able to be driving, so we walked all around College Place. Then on Sunday because of the snow and the Freezing rain, church was cancelled.. :( We weren't allowed to drive yesterday or today. Luckily some members like us and drove us to Walmart today. 

Love you all tons! Stay safe and have a very merry wintery week!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Pan Dulce! - January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

I think I would call this week a successful missionary week. Our zone skyrocketed numbers this week. There are 35 people on date in WALLA WALLA! Crazy! so many miracles being seen left and right!

Last Tuesday we were able to knock into a woman named Jasmine and she let us right in because it was snowing. We taught her the restoration and she accepted it and a date to be baptised! She really wants to learn how to teach her kids about Jesus and we are going to help her do that! She's preparing for Feb 18th.

We had a lesson with our investigator Norma who is now in Mexico. She's awesome though. She's been reading so much in the book of Mormon and she took it with her to Mexico. We'll pick her back up when she gets back in March...forever away!

I got to go on my first exchange as an STL with Sister Taylor! She's so cool. We saw soooo many miracles! We knocked into the most prepared person I've ever taught on my mission...AND SHE'S FOR THE ENGLISH ELDERS. Her name is Tiffany and is preparing for baptism on the 18th as well. She let us right in and she kept stopping us and asking questions about things she didn't understand. We got to inviting her to be baptised and she stopped us before and was like, "What does your church believe on baptism? Because it's something that I feel like I need to do." #elect So she's awesome. The Zone Leaders better take good care of her!!

Hermana Villena and I spoke in sacrament meeting this week. I spoke about repentance and Hermana about the atonement. It went pretty well! We were happy about it. Everyone understood us, so that's good!

So that's basically the highlights of the week. OH AND I TRIED PAN DULCE AND IT'S SO GOOD.

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

"Can you come back later? We're making tamales." - December 27, 2016

Merry Late Christmas! and Happy Early New Year!

This week was cray cray! So many Chirstmasy things and appointments falling through! But! We made it though.

Tuesday we had our Christmas Zone Conference. SO GOOD. We had a talent show and it was so fun! I got to see so many missionaries that I haven't seen in so long! President White's family came in town and they preformed a couple different talents mainly of beating each other up with musical poles...haha! There was a man there that dressed up like Joseph Smith and recited the entire JSH by memory. Way cool. 

We had service this week at the Humane Society and that was so fun! We got to take all the dogs out for walks! We also lost an Elder's usb drive in the snow, but after much prayers and shoveling the snow off of our lawn we found it! Miracles happen.

We got to go back to Pasco on Christmas Eve for a baptism of Hermana Villena's. We had a white Christmas! haha. 

Skyping was cool. Family is good...haha. 

Talk to you later!

So many pictures. uhm Zone conference with my friends and sisters. Caroling with the district, our car of packages, the path we cleared to find the USB Drive, opening presents.