Saturday, February 4, 2017

Snow. Meetings. Baptisms! - January 9, 2017

MAN. There is a ton of snow in Walla Walla! Well, actually probably not, but it feel that way because they don't plow the roads!!!

This week has been SO WONDERFUL. Kinda a roller coaster of things. 

This week I was able to attend my very first Mission Leadership Council! So much spiritual things in such a sort hour. I think I slept the hardest on my mission that night. Our Mission is focusing a lot on faith and how to help our new investigators reach baptism. We find a lot of people, but they fall of the planet a lot. We had some really cool trainings on "Keeping the Line tight" like when your fishing! Pretty cool.

Thursday we had Zone Leadership Council and then on Friday we had Zone Training Council. (I know. So many meetings.) We gave the training on how to keep the line tight by explaining what their commitments are better after they accept a baptismal date.

SATURDAY. Crazy. So we got up early and drove out to BASIN CITY. Joshua, Samantha, AND JAIME got baptized!! I was expecting Joshua and Samantha, but I showed up and Jaime got baptized as well! Hermana Bergmann and I found him about two weeks before I left. So that was a very happy baptism day:) We raced home with our member through a huge snow storm and arrive just in time for another baptism in Milton Freewater of one of Hermana Villena's past investigators. Crazy white day! 

Saturday night, because of the snow, we weren't able to be driving, so we walked all around College Place. Then on Sunday because of the snow and the Freezing rain, church was cancelled.. :( We weren't allowed to drive yesterday or today. Luckily some members like us and drove us to Walmart today. 

Love you all tons! Stay safe and have a very merry wintery week!

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

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