Saturday, February 4, 2017

Knockin' in a Winter Wonderland - December 12, 2016

But it did look like a wonderland.

Big News! I'm being transferred to the College Place Spanish Branch in Walla Walla, Washington!

On Monday the Zone went on a hike to Paluse Falls and we may or may not have climbed on some cliffs. (we as in mostly Elders) The Rock Castle there is super cool!

Tuesday we had to drive to Connell in the snow for a district council. It took almost an hour to get there because roads don't get plowed in middle of no where towns in Washington. There was super awesome Relief Society dinner where we house hopped and had really good food in really pretty houses.

Wednesday was full of miracles. We went to go try by a former and her brother was super interested! Jaime was going off about how he doesn't feel like any church is right because no one practices what they preach. He accepted the restoration SUPER well. He said he would be going to English Classes tomorrow too! He's working towards a date in January. WE taught Joshua a lesson on Repentance and how and why we do it. He's such a sharp kid.

Saturday we lost our phone in the snow while tracking. So we are living the old school life. At least no one can cancel their appointments on us. We also found a mouse in our closet during studies. We set up a trap but the one in the hall got it first. 

Christmas is cool and hopefully your toes are warmer than mine. 

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