Saturday, February 4, 2017

Four Day Update --- Transfers! January 30, 2017

Transfer update!
Hermana Villena will be transfered to Grandview, WA training a new missionary! Hermana Davis will be receiving Hermana Jordan and will be STL Training her in Walla Walla.

So now that transfers is our of the way! These days have been crazy! Well, I guess every day seems to be crazy.

Friday and Saturday. The new schedule thing is messing us up. It feels so weird to be studying inside at 2pm. Also, not starting studies at 8am makes you feel like you are a sinner. Good thing this change came Before I go home! I would have been a wreck to not have a set schedule. We were able to find two new investigators on Saturday

Laura is great. It was kinda crazy to teach her though. She has three boys under the age of 4 so that was cray cray. We'll be bringing a member with us next time to help keep the peace lol. Petra is awesome! She is a mother of three kids, but they go to their Dad's on the weekends. We knocked into her and she received us super well. We were able to teach her the restoration and she had a TON of questions about infant baptism because her kids haven't been baptized. So we read Moroni 8 with her. She accepted that pretty well! She agreed to pray about baptism for herself. 

Yesterday was wonderful because we were able to teach La Familia de Alan! We watched the Restoration movie with them and then talked about the atonement and how we can be cleansed through Jesus Christ. We are super excited for their family.

I love you all! This church is the truest thing i know on this earth. I know that more than I know apples fall off trees. I know our Savior loves us and wants us to have real joy in this life. I'll talk to you next Monday!

1. Me with Gordo, a member's dog
2. I'm standing by a sign that says no standing. haha