Monday, April 18, 2016

End of the Seven Week Transfer - April 11, 2016

Hola Hola!
First off, Marcelino got baptized!!! IT was a glorious Saturday evening with the assistants, another set of elders that taught him, Hermana Wade and her companion, and our four companionships. All the missionaries! It was wonderful and I talked to him yesterday and he just said he feels so happy. AH. the church is true.
This week we have been knocking a ton! It's a bit of a struggle when people never keep their citas. We finally contacted a referral named Felipe though! We have a return appointment with him later this week. Pedro is the same, still working and never home. Celerina canceled on us and said we can come back on Wednesday. 

So big news! We just got our transfers calls literally as we were walking into the library to email! I'm being transferred to the Rattlesnake Spn work in the West Richland Zone. I'm heading out to those long country roads! My new companion is Hermana Dopsi? Something like that. Pics to come. She went into the CCM in September so we are both in the same-ish boat!
Much loves! Talk to you next week. Kneel down and pray with your heart, then get up and act on those promptings! 

#ldsconf April 4, 2016

Hola Hola!
Oh my I could spend my whole hour and half on the computer talking about conference. It was fantastic! I'll just give my favorite talks, (well they were all my favorite, but you know) and then a couple thoughts.
Elder Rasband: Christ was there for Peter. He is There for you and for me. Be of good cheer because the Lord is on our side.
Elder Anderson: Knowing someone's name can make a difference. GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN. and God wants his children back!
President Uchdorf: He loves his children! Lift up your eyes and heart. Christ will place you on his shoulders and carry you home.
Elder Holland: Love God with all our hearts minds might and strength as the the first great commandment, but that the first great truth us that God loves us with all his heart might mind and strength.

SO wonderful. Conference is great.
We talked to Pedro for a brief bit of time. We knocked on his door and he was skyping his family in Mexico. WE found a new investigator name Celerina! She has a seven year old son and she seemed really excited about learning more. We have a return apointment with her this week.
The priesthood is real my friends! My entire apartment got sick and then everyone thought I had strep, but the elders gave me a blessing and we all got better. Thank goodness for Elders and the Priesthood. We are blessed! 

I love you all! Have a great week! Write me your conference notes! :)

We found Pedro! March 28, 2016

Hola Hola Hola!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and that everyone had the chance to share the Hallelujah video with someone! This week I was able to go on exchanges with Hermana Smith! She is fantastic and we had a bunch of fun teaching 4 lesson in 4 hours! Thank goodness we didn't loose track of time! We taught Jose about Family History and we found out like no one in the Spanish ward has ever done family history. I about cried. It is so important! People are waiting people! Jose now can take his Dad's name to the temple for baptisms! It's great and he is so excited.

 On Wednesday Pedro texted us and said his neighbors saw us come by and that he was home now and we could come teach him. SO we got ourselves a member and headed on over! We taught him the restoration and committed him to pray about the 23 of April as a baptism date! He would have come to church with us, but he was with his kids for Easter and he doesn't get to see them very often. But he will be watching conference this weekend!

Speaking of conference, IT'S CONFERENCE WEEKEND. I am so excited for this! Conference is seriously my favorite. I hope everyone is praying for the health of our dear prophet and that the spirit can bless the Twelve apostles. Estoy pumped. 

les quiero muchismo! Tenga una bien semana y confernceia general! Adios!!