Monday, April 18, 2016

End of the Seven Week Transfer - April 11, 2016

Hola Hola!
First off, Marcelino got baptized!!! IT was a glorious Saturday evening with the assistants, another set of elders that taught him, Hermana Wade and her companion, and our four companionships. All the missionaries! It was wonderful and I talked to him yesterday and he just said he feels so happy. AH. the church is true.
This week we have been knocking a ton! It's a bit of a struggle when people never keep their citas. We finally contacted a referral named Felipe though! We have a return appointment with him later this week. Pedro is the same, still working and never home. Celerina canceled on us and said we can come back on Wednesday. 

So big news! We just got our transfers calls literally as we were walking into the library to email! I'm being transferred to the Rattlesnake Spn work in the West Richland Zone. I'm heading out to those long country roads! My new companion is Hermana Dopsi? Something like that. Pics to come. She went into the CCM in September so we are both in the same-ish boat!
Much loves! Talk to you next week. Kneel down and pray with your heart, then get up and act on those promptings! 

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