Saturday, February 4, 2017

10 day update! January 26, 2017

Hello everyone! it has been a long ten days since we last I'll get right on down to what's been going on in Walla Walla Spanish!

The snow melted! Hopefully it stays that way! We had this crazy hot wind storm last Wednesday that melted it all. Some people say there is another one coming, I say no! My toes cannot handle any more snow! 

Last Thursday we had interviews with President White! We talked a ton about open communication. Super spiritual as always.

La Familia de Alan!! Ah! Their ten year old son, Antonio got appendicitis! So he has been in the hospital for the past week!! :( They couldn't come to church or the pine wood derby activity after Antonio made his car.. Super SAD. We have visited them a couple of time throughout the week to read with them. It's tough, but little Toni is taking it like a champ.

Hermana Villena and I gave a training on talking with everyone and quality gospel conversations. It was super good! We shared a lot about the doctrine behind it with some awesome scriptures. Read Heb 6:10-15 Awesome. The church is true.

I went on an exchange in Pendleton with Hna Quiroz! She's so amazing. We invited one of their investigators to be baptized and she said yes! We also taught my long lost LA uncle Brother Davis! (not really my uncle)

I also went on an exchange with Sister Cooper in my area! We were able to talk to a lot of people and send off a really great referral for the English elders! 

Yesterday, there was a world wide missionary broadcast!! They changed the missionary daily schedule and they key indicator system! Basically there is no more nightly planning. We wake up at 6:30 am, work out and get ready, plan for 30 minutes, and then have an hour of Personal Study. We head out at 10 am. We are able to put in Comp study and lang Study in throughout the day where ever it fits best. We come home and nine and go straight to bed! (After prays and journal writing of course!0 WE GET MORE SLEEP. The church is true my friends. We also are only tracking four key indicators now. Baptisms & confirmations, People at church, On-dates, and New investigators. Really cool changes. 

Ah! the Lord is working miracles in our lives! He truly loves each one of us. I know that he loves YOU. He does. If you don't believe me....ASK HIM.

Enjoy the pics of this week. Temple trip, district council and other things. BYE. I LOVE YOU!!

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