Saturday, February 4, 2017

Walla Walla, Washington - December 19, 2016

Hello Everyone! 

This week has been CRAY CRAY. We've had three huge snow storms and there is a TON of it here! Way to go Washington for not having snowplows either. So this week has been us running around pushing people's cars out of the snow! Tons of fun. 

Saying goodbye to everyone in Basin City was soo sad! Joshua and his little sisters almost started crying. I love them so much.

Wednesday I arrived here in Walla Walla and met my new Companera Hermana Villena! She is from San Antonio, TX. She did Color Guard there, so we get along super well.

We are teaching a couple of people here, none of which I have met yet because of the snow! But the Branch seems pretty fun. Small, but Small is good:)

Sorry I don't have much to write on, I'm just so excited to be here. THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE. I could be here for two years and not talk to everyone! I LOVE IT.

Merry Christmas <3

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