Saturday, February 4, 2017

"Can you come back later? We're making tamales." - December 27, 2016

Merry Late Christmas! and Happy Early New Year!

This week was cray cray! So many Chirstmasy things and appointments falling through! But! We made it though.

Tuesday we had our Christmas Zone Conference. SO GOOD. We had a talent show and it was so fun! I got to see so many missionaries that I haven't seen in so long! President White's family came in town and they preformed a couple different talents mainly of beating each other up with musical poles...haha! There was a man there that dressed up like Joseph Smith and recited the entire JSH by memory. Way cool. 

We had service this week at the Humane Society and that was so fun! We got to take all the dogs out for walks! We also lost an Elder's usb drive in the snow, but after much prayers and shoveling the snow off of our lawn we found it! Miracles happen.

We got to go back to Pasco on Christmas Eve for a baptism of Hermana Villena's. We had a white Christmas! haha. 

Skyping was cool. Family is good...haha. 

Talk to you later!

So many pictures. uhm Zone conference with my friends and sisters. Caroling with the district, our car of packages, the path we cleared to find the USB Drive, opening presents.

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