Monday, February 22, 2016

Hola Mis Amigos

This week has been wonderful!
Marcelino is doing wonderful! He is so great, we are teaching him again tonight and hopefully we can figure out the reason he doesn't want to accept a date. But he is heading twards the right path!
Rosario is going to be baptized this week! (Hopefully) Haha, You almost never know anything when you have two baby twins. She couldn't come to Stake Conference this weekend because Ruby had a fever. So that was a bummer, but she is still really excited for Saturday.
So we found this Duck Pond in our area this week and we went today to take picture. I LOVE DUCKS. They are seriously soo cute. It's right by the river too, so we just had a mini photo shoot again. bc porque no?:)
We are having a bit of a struggle finding new people because everyone is Catholic! And then they won't listen because, oh I'm Catholic, but it's so wonderful that you are sharing the word. My neighbor needs God, go talk to them! Blah blah. We aren't talking to you because you are an active Mormon! Haha. So pray to help us find some new investigators in our area.
Aldo is alive! He is just really sick. Hopefully we can teach him in the next couple of days. He called us the other night and Hermana Wade was in the bathroom, so I had Hermana Cortez help me (Because I can't understand over the phone very well.) Aldo asked where Hermana Wade was and Hermana Cortes told him that she was lost. Then he said She's lost?! Then go find her! and then we said she's fine, calm down, and then he said that's weird and hung up! He then texted us this text that said something like, See you never. Like Hasta nucha. and We. Flipped. Out. He wouldn't answer our calls and his roommates said in was California and it was crazy. Then we called him like two days later and he awnsered. He said he hadn't called us because he has been super sick, and that that text was ment for someone in Mexico. Haha He thought it was funny. We were so mad, but like not, but yea. It was great. Then he told us that he had been praying that Hermana Wade would be found because she was lost! Hahahahaa. We were dying of laughter. So aldo esta bien.
Trasnfers are this week, so we shall see what happens to us! We know one thing for sure, We will be where Heavenly Father wants us! Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

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