Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rosario got baptized! (February 29, 2016)

Hola Hola!
Soooo, I'm still in Pasco! Hermana Wade left me and I now have Hermana Prescott! She is Tongan, born in Hawaii and from California. So we have all the fun conversations!
So Hermana Wade and I were tracking down MA's and we knocked on what we thought was a member home, But really it was this old man that lived alone. We started talking to him, like Hi we're missionaries..blah blah...And then we asked him if he had ever hear dof the Book of Mormon and he was like yes! I have that book! He ran and got it he told us he reads it EVERY NIGHT. He is in the middle of Alma!!!! He was telling us that it was the word of God! Then I asked him if he was baptized, cause like you know, I asked! Then He said, "Well I was baptized in the catholic church as a baby, but I don't think that is right, Because Christ was baptized When he was older. Your church baptized when they are older right? I need to be baptized like that." CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! I didn't! His name is Pedro and he is on date for the 19th of March!!
Thursday we spent the whole day knocking and the second to last door we knocked on was Lora! She was really sweet and agreed to read and Pray about the book of Mormon! We are going back to see her tomorrow.
ROSARIO GOT BAPTIZED! Elder Thompson, our district Leader, Baptized her. She was so happy and she just started crying and she said she felt such peace. I love her with all my heart! She is someone I am so glad I got to meet. I need her in Heaven with me. I love her. In the photo is her six year old daughter Caridad.
I love serving the lord! It is seriously the best thing ever! Les quiero mucho! 

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

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