Monday, March 21, 2016

It was a week like no other...

Hola mis amigos!
Today marks 5 months for Hermana Prescott, Hermana Smith, and I! I cannot believe it! poor Hermana Cortes is greeny busting the three of us. You can imagine the party we have!
In District Council we talked about Teaching People, Not Lessons. I think that is seriously one of the most important teaching skills. If you can take the gospel and personally apply it to others, it will touch their hearts so much more! It's still a struggle for me to talk to strangers, but it is a working progress. Poco a poco is all the Lord asks of us. Daily improvement from yesterday!

WE HAVE A NEW INVESTIGATOR! He's name is Jorge and he is a former than we tracked down. They didn't give us a reason for dropping, but he was willing to listen to us and he agreed to Read and Pray about the Book of Mormon! Tender mercies are real because Hermana Prescott and I have been praying for the opportunity to teach.
Random Act of Kindness this week. After a long day, Hermana Prescott and I stopped on the way home to get some churros. And then when we were driving home we had the change to pull over and help this man push his car into a gas station! We wouldn't have been able to do that if the Holy Ghost hadn't told us that we wanted Churrios. (How ever the heck you spell that.)
On Saturday we had the Confernecia Hispanica for all of the mission! We got to listen to the Spanish patriarch and his wife speak and see basically all of the missionaries serving in Spanish work. So I got to see Hermana Wade!!! It was awesome and I loved that we got to have so many RC's hear the importance of the temple for a new voice. The other sisters RC, Irma, is so excited to go to the temple now!
I love you all and wish you all the best! Les quiero mucho!

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