Saturday, December 3, 2016

"Pues, es un mandamiento, no una sugenencia" November 7, 2016

Hola Hola!

This week was great!

Miricle Moment! We have been working working a TON with Less-Active members and we are having good success in helping one family in particular get reactivated. Jenny and Samuel got baptized about a year and half ago to two years ago and stopped coming because of work. We started visiting them and helped Jenny out when she was having a really hard day. We read some scriptures with her and brought the peace of the gospel back into her life. She realized what was missing and has been working non-stop to get it back! Her and her husband Samuel just we called to be the Sunday School teachers in the Branch. They gave their first lesson on Sunday and it was amazing! We are so excited for them. They have a son named Joshua who is ten and isn't baptized. Jenny and Samuel expressed to us that they want him to get baptized! We are going to start teaching him tonight. WE ARE SO PUMPED. Less Actives are the way to go!!!

We also taught a lesson to another LA named Ofelia. We helped her with her Family History and she got way excited! It was so cool! She got out her husband's birth certificate looking for dates and names and it was awesome! Hopefully with more help, she can start coming back to church.

We had a really awesome Zone Council where we started preparing for Elder Zeballos to come visit our mission this week. I AM SO EXCITED. It's going to be fantastic! We watched a talk by Elder Oaks from the Missionary Broadcast in January 2016. It was all about Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts. So good. 

So that's pretty much the week! Transfers are also this week and Hermana Macias is heading out to Kennewick and I'm receiving Hermana Bergmann. Pretty pumped. Talk to y'all next week!!

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