Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Hms in the GV, Aug 22, 2016

Hello Everyone!

So transfers were this past week and Hermana Lopez headed down to Hermiston and I recieved Hermana Vazquez! She's awesome and from Lake Dallas, Texas. She's a convert of a little over two years and I love her to pieces.

This week started off pretty slow because we were saying good-bye to all the members with Hermana Lopez. On Wednesday I went and picked up Hermana Vazquez and we got to work! We taught two lessons and found two new investigators. Juanquine and Maria are a 80 year old couple and they are super hilarious. We taught them in their backyard and there was a dead calf just laying there. At first we thought it was a dog, but nope. It was a baby cow. Lol. Anyways, the are planning a trip to mexico soon so they said if they are in town on the 17th of September they would be baptized! Yippie!

We've taught Gia twice this week. She hasn't been keeping her commitments, so we are struggling of knowing what to do to help her. We taught her about faith this week and read Enos with her. We are thinking of starting to teach her in spanish to help her understand more, but it's hard because her husband, Walt who is a member, doesn't speak Spanish. 

We taught Hortencia with Sister Slaugh this week. Hortencia is super confused because she has studied with so many different churches and really doesn't like organized religion. We are going to be going super slow and simple with her to help her undersatnd. We aren't sure how willing she is to change her life, but she says she feels the spirit really strong when she's with us. We aren't giving up just yet!

We taught Serviano this week about faith and how he can act on the faith he has to grow closer to God.  He's doing alright. We think he's drinking problem is a bit harder than he lets on. We're coming up with a plan to help him overcome that and start coming to church.

We taught this family from Chiapas! The mom's name is Lorena and she has 3 kids. A fourteen year old boy and a two girls who are nine and six. The fourteen year old, Rafael, was baptized when he was eight in Seatle. The family moved and couldn't find the church again. But we knocked into them! The nine year old, Haiti, is on date for the 17th. We are pretty excited to teach them all.

Today we woke up early and drove to Richland to wax our cars! It was actually a lot of fun. All of us misisonaries, waxing our cars in our nice clothes at the church. Then we ate donuts. (Yay!) That has pretty much been my week. Lvoe you all so much! Hasta Luego!
Les quiero!

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