Saturday, December 3, 2016

It's Been a Year?! October 24, 2016

​This week has been FULL of service opportunities!! We did over 20 hours of service this week! 

Our first service project was as a district. We went over to this middle of no where town and we were helping this older couple move into their home. They are probably in their 70s and the wife has cancer. They are sooo sweet. The funniest thing is that the man always starts of his sentences with, "You will never convert me!" but it is amazing to see how our service has helped their hearts soften. They accepted the invitation for the Sisters there to go over and teach them a lesson about the Book of Mormon. He even accepted one and agreed to read it! Miracles happen everywhere!!

Second, we were contacting in a part of our area and Hermana Macias needed to use the bathroom, so we headed over to this one members house. She was in the middle of planning for her son's wedding and she was about to have a meltdown because of all the things she needs to get done! We offered to help and she was soo thankful. It is amazing how the Lord guides us and helps us to know what we need to do to bring people closer to him! 

I got to go on an exchange with Sister McOmber in Connell this week and that was way fun! We did some more service at the Older Couple's house and then we were contacting the rest of the day. I remember when I first went to Connell back in December for a baptism of one of Hermana Wade's converts and thinking how small of a place it was. Now it seems like the biggest city full of people to talk to! Crazy how the mission changes!

Also, Am I the only one who doesn't believe it's been a year?! No. Just me? okay...

Today we had a mission choir practice and I got to see so many of my favorite sisters and elders! I love the missionaries here! #WKM4Life

Love you all tons! Talk to you later!

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