Saturday, December 3, 2016

Consacration: You're gunna suffer, but you're gunna be happy about it July 18, 2016

Hola Hola!

This week was pretty wonderful! 

On Tuesday I went on exchanges with mi Hermana Mama Wade. We tried by a couple of people in Benton, but they almost all fell through. We taught one of their recently activated members, Jill. She's the best. She's teaching the 17-18 year olds Sunday School and wants our help to teach them like the Missionaries taught her. (Like Teach People, not Lessons)
She's basically the sweetest. We then had enchiladas for dinner! We taught a RC about the baptismal covenant and then exchanged back.

On Wednesday I got to meet President and Sister White for the first time! We had Zone Conference and it was awesome! They brought their 3 un-married children with them and it was really fun. At the beginning, he shook our hands and before we left he said each of us had an interview with the president during that hand shake. He's a retired inspector for like the cia or something. So he looks in your eyes, sees your soul, and knows your heart. 

Thursday I went on exchanges with Hermana Fristrup and that was a party. We helped people move out of an apt that was on the third floor. yippie. 

Niki came to church and we were able to teach her the plan this week. Serviano is doing better, we haven't seen him much, but yay! They taught Rosalinda on exchanges and she's doing well as well!

And Know I'm out of time. So like. Hope yall have a good week! I'll send pictures next week!

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