Saturday, December 3, 2016

Walking on the Street with Jesus, September 6, 2016

Hello Hello!

This week has been pretty great. We had a lot of meetings and seen a lot of miracles.

We were litterally out of miles this last week so we walked EVERYWHERE. We probably walked a good 10-15 miles everyday between appointments and contacting. It was pretty great. We got to talk to a ton of people, many who set up return appointments with us. We for-see more walking in our near future. 

On Thursday, Hermana Vazquez had MLC. I went to Richland and spent the day with Hermana Lovin, my not-so-ment-to-be MTC Companion! Haha. We had a pretty good time. Their area is really small, so we mainly contacted potentials and Less-Active Families all day. We came back to Grandview and contacted a referral from a Brother Davis for a Hermana Vazquez. We thought that was pretty funny...just us? Oh okay. She's really nice and we have a return appointment with her later this week.

On Fridays, we normally do weekly planning, but we had Zone Leadership Council and then six lessons scheduled. Needless to say, we did weekly planning on Saturday. Haha! The Mission as a whole is working on Goals and Accountability right now. We were talking a lot about how we can help the other missionaries set achievable goals and not get into the rut of discouragement. It was a pretty good meeting.  Saturday, we had the Zone meeting on it and we even got to watch a clip of Elder Anderson's training on it in the MTC when President White was there. It was really neat. I just love the General Authorities and hearing their wisdom. I am sooo excited for conference! It's just around the corner. Which is so crazy. 

Sunday Juanquin came to church as well as another one of our investigators, Lupe! We were pretty happy about that. Juanquin is progressing pretty well, he is just really old so it takes a while for things to stick. Also, he's got some sort of memory loss problem because he agrees with us on something then ten minutes later he'll say he doesn't believe that. Basically, He's the cutest old man. Lupe is the Mother of one of the members in the ward and she's also pretty old. We've been going over and watching some videos with her on the lessons. She understands a ton better that way. 

Yesterday we took the Tejadas out with us to go see Sunny. That was the best lesson ever! The Tejadas just moved from Peru about a month ago and Brother Tejada was the Stake President down there. So.. they are awesome Member Missionaries. On the drive there we told them what we were going to be teaching and the commitment we wanted to leave, and they basically taught the whole lesson, inspired questions and everything. AND DIDN'T GO ON A TANGENT. Miricles! Sunny prayed and he committed to come to church. Whoopie! Bascially, I love the Tejadas. 

Well, that sums up my week. Oh and yesterday we were in a parade in Prosser and that was pretty sweet. *See pics below* Love you all tons! Have a great week!

1. I saw this hairstyle in the Liahona, so I tried it haha. Turned out pretty good.
2-4. The Elder's car for the parade....We decorated it!

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