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The White Mormon Girl Speaks Spanish, June 27, 2016

Hola Hola!

This week has been crazy! Tons of exchanges and President White gets here tomorrow! What even is this?! We are all so excited and so sad. We'll miss President Ware, but I know President White will be just wonderful! Subject line cred to a lady we door stepped. She was like kinda crazy, but when we were telling her the Elders were going to be teaching her because we teach in Spanish, she turned to me and was like, "You speak Spanish?" and I said yea, then she yells into her house, "Hey Dad! The White Mormon Girl speaks Spanish!" Sooo. Yes. That happens more often then you'd think.

This week we went on all the Exchanges. I went into Richland and spent the day with Sister Christensen from Spanish Fork. (We forgot to take a selfie, shame on us.) It was super fun. I'm starting to become less scared of white wards. I taught Sister Christensen how to pray in Spanish during language study. She took notes and I'll be following up with her to see how that goes. The next day I was in the YSA in West Richland with Sister Nessen from Las Vegas. We taught Their RC, Windy, and she's amazing! She already has so many of her friends that she wants them to teach. She's basically the cutest thing. 

On Thursday I was finally back in Grandview. We had District Council and we talked about how to teach to the commitment and help our investigators resolves their doubts. It was really cool and I learned a lot more about really loving the people we teach, and having more patience with them. 

The Stuggle this week has not been that we haven't found anyone interested, just that we keep finding the interested people that don't speak Spanish! We have sent so many refferals to the English Elders it isn't even fair. They can't speak Spanish either so that just makes our lives harder. 

Saturday we just drove out in the middle of no where, parked, and then walked all afternoon. Long Country Road tracting my friends. It's a reall thing. 

Serviano has been struggling this week. He told us, "I knew you said that Satan would work harder on me, but I didn't know that he would work this hard." The Elders came by and gave him a Pristhood Blessing. We haven't seen him in the past couple of Days, but we are praying for him!

Love you all so much!
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Hermana Lizzy Davis
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