Saturday, December 3, 2016

Spanish Areas + English Companera = I had to translate, September 12, 2016


This week has been fairly normal for once! Well, as normal as a missionary's week can be I guess!

Tuesday we were able to teach Juanquin and Maria for a little bit. They gave us each HUGE pieces of watermelon to eat...and Hermana Vazquez hates watermelon! But she was a trooper and finished it not to be rude. (On my side, that night we had a dinner with a Spanish member and I had to eat crazy spicey enchiladas. So it evens out.) Anyways, Juanquine and Maria are really fun to teach, but we can really only even cover one principle per lesson, which makes it hard. They are leaving to Mexico this week for a while, but they said when they get back that they'll be baptized. So yippie!

We taught Sunny on Tuesday about Alma 7. He said he read it but didn't really retain much. We've figured out he has a really big coffee addiction, so we are planning on teaching him about the Word of Wisdom this week. He didn't come to church because he was working, and that was really Lame. The Tejadas are coming out with us again on Wednesday to teach him, so hopefully some former Stake President love will help us out!

I can't remember if I told you about Socorro last week or not, but she is a refferal we received from the Sunnyside branch. Her nephew just got baptized in Texas and he told her that she needs to go to the Mormon church. She sat in on the lessons with him so she knows about what we teach. She looked up by herself where a church was and went two Sundays there. We contacted her and she seems like she has a lot of potential. She's going out of town today for a wedding, but she should be back next week. We are excited to work with her to being baptized!

We had stake day of service this week and I swear I pulled out a million goat head plants. They were all over my shoes. And I got like three splinters and I was wearing gloves! Hermana Vazquez had fun pulling those out for me haha. Good Ol' comp unity!

We went on Exchanges this week and I took a Sister with me to five different Spanish only lessons! That was like really hared. And I get to do it again this week! Hahaa. Gift of Tongues. It's real people.

Anyways. Love you all a ton. have a good week!

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