Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Me Dejaron Como Novia de Rancho! May 31, 2016

Hello everyone!

This week has been so wonderful! Tuesday we spent the entire day packing, cleaning, saying goodbye to members and getting Hermana Doxey ready to leave Grandview. SHe was so sad. THe people here are really wonderful and I love them so much. Wednesday we woke up bright and early and said goodbye to Hermana Doxey and Hello to Hermana Lopez! SHe just finished training and she just got called to be an STL. She's pretty fantatic. She's from Chiapas, Mexico. Well she was born there. She grew up in West Valley, Utah. Doesn't pronounce her Ts and everything. 

Rosalinda is doing pretty good. We finally were able to get in once with her on Sunday. We got her back on date for the 25th of June. We believe she can make this! She's talking to her boss to get work off on sundays so she can go to church. (yay!) One of her friends Hilda was there too and she agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon so hopefully that goes well.

Serviano is doing well. He still didn't come to church. (Booo!) But he received his answer about how he needs to be baptized. He said he had a dream with a river and he was in the water and a lot of people where around watching. He said he remembers a white girl and a brown girl there too. The white girl was chopping veggies (what?) and the brown girl was just watching. So apparently I have to chop veggies at his baptism lol! But he's on date for the 18th of June. He just needs to COME TO CHURCH. (The subject line is what Serviano said to us when we were leaving a lesson bc his brother forgot to pick him up to go fishing jajaja!)

Gia is doing better. We had a really good lesson with her on Friday. She really opened up to us and she explained why she doesn't feel ready for baptism. Tonight we are talking with her about the atonement and forgiveness. SHe's such a special person. I'm so excited for her to keep moving forward. She didn't come to church because she worked saturday night. (I hate work.) But todo es posible con Jesucristo!! 

Sunday we had this rando show up to church! I apparently knocked into him my first week. If I remember right, his dad had just died of cancer and he was feeling like life wasn't fair. We testified to him of the plan god has for us and referred him to the English Elders. We gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet with the address and time of church. He just showed up to church! It's super awesome! His name is Ervy. We are going by to see him tomorrow

Yesterday we had a ward breakfast and ate pancakes and too much bacon. Haha! Then we basically spent the entire day knocking because all of our appointments feel though and the mission switched our Preparation Day last minute. But we have some great return appointments set! The Lord is pouring out blessings upon this mission. I know God loves all his children and he wants them to come home. Love you all bunches!

1. Cool Song we found in the apartment
2. Selfies
3. We forgot to get a good selfie so we just took one in the library bathroom... #missionarylife

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

Oh, and Sister Davis told me to add this to the blog because her new companion, Sister Lopez has produced an album in her previous life as a teenage pop singer!

Search Jessica Lopez on Spotify. Her album is entitled "I Found You."

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