Sunday, May 22, 2016

I Translated! May 2, 2016

Hola mis Hermanos y Hermanas!

This week has been wonderful! 

We were able to teach Serviado a couple more times this week. He's doing really great, but he didn't come to church! So we will have to push back his date. We went by his house and no one was answering. We are pretty positive he was asleep. We went by again last night and talked to one of his friends there who was pretty drunk. Hopefully Serviado wasn't. Ahhh. We are seeing him tonight, hopefully!

Niki is doing wonderful! We taught her about temples and marriage and families. She was sooo happy and just said all the pictures of the temples are very pretty. We kinda were like, It's like a castle! And your the princess! It's pretty great. She's on track for this Saturday...we just have to see her every night this week... That's what happens when you go out of town for tennis match and not tell us! She came to stake conference and she really liked it. We are also seeing her tonight.

Speaking of Stake Conference, I Translated! One of the Elders and I took turn translating the 2 hour Sunday Session. Kinda terrifying, but good. I'm just glad Elder Harward had to translate the talk about battleships and barnacles. He basically just said big boats with creatures on them. Lol! It was a growing experience for my Spanish and I'll prolly have to do it again some time soon. 

FUNNY STORY. So my district is basically the best thing ever. We called the District Leader one night to tell him about some miracles we saw in a lesson with Serviado and we had a great chat! When Elder Harward was saying good-bye he said, "Buenos Noches, Love you, Bye!" Hermana Doxey and I just looked at each other and laughed sooo hard. Bien Chistoso! He then texted us to apologize and clarify that he has the most Christ-like charity towards us. Also that this was the first time that had ever happen on his mission. lolololol. Now every time we say goodbye we always say, !Charidad para todos! Best inside joke everrrr. 

Grandview is awesome my friends. Miss you all. Charidad para todos!!

pictures: We talked One of the elders, Elder Huchins, to give us some of his ties that he doesn't want and we are going to make hairs bows out of them and a bowtie for him. of course we took selfies with the ties we tied ourselves:)

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

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