Sunday, May 22, 2016

Don't Give Sisters Your Old Ties or They Might Be Made Into Hair-Bows! May 9, 2016


This week was fantastic! Rosalinda is doing really wonderful! Besides the fact that she was throwing up yesterday so she didn't come to church, but she's great! We taught her twice this past week. The 10 Commandments and The Law of Chasity. It was really funny when we were teaching Her the Law of Chasity, because her 11 year old son sat in with us and hew basically said at the end. I don't know any of those words are in Spanish. So we had to then explain it to him all over in English haha! And then he got all red and awkward. When I told him the prophets have asked us not to date until we are 16 he rolled his eyes like, oh my get me out of this awkward situation. Way to have the talk with the missionaries. lol!

Niki fell off date because she got really nervous and her mom felt that she was being presured into it. We have yet to set another date with her, but Her mom is hoping we can do her and her 8 year old half sister together. So todavia estamos tratando para auydarla.

We taught Gia twice this week, AND GIA IS ON DATE PEOPLE. Miracles happen! She's an English Investigator and we are teaching her because she wouldn't be taught by the Elders. She's been investigating for like 3 years and has gone though so many missionaries. We are the first to set a date with her. We told the Elders and he said, I didn't think she would commit to a doctor's appointment! So we were screaming joy all the way home. We taught her Plan and Word of Wisdom this week. She drinks coffee some, so hopefully she can stop that! She committed to. Her Husband will help her. 

9pm tracting Miracles! We knocked into a house at 9:01pm, because #onemorehouse. She answers and goes off like so, "Oh hi sisters! It's been a long time since I've seen missionaries! I was being taught by the Elders about 8 months ago and they told me they were being double-out and then new missionaries never came by! I still have my Book of Mormon, Do you think you all could come by on Monday? around like 6? Oh and I'll talk to my husband to see if we can come to Church tomorrow, it's the one in Prossser right?" *our mouths dropped*

me: "Hola. Soy Hermana Davis."
 So we are seeing Maria at 6 tonight! Wish us luck!

It was wonderful to get to talk to my family yesterday. I know that families is the plan that God has for us. I'm so grateful for the Family I have and the support from all those that love me! Thank you all so much. Have a great week!

Con Amor,

Hermana Lizzy Davis
Washington Kennewick Mission

1.We have ties.
2. We made them into Hair-bows
3. The Elder's Car at Service
4. Sunset driving home from a lesson
5. Chinese Food!

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