Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week Dos!

Hey Everyone!

This week has been mu beuno! We got a third teacher on Friday, and PLOT TWIST. He was Lukas our investigator! Lol. The CCM lies to you from day one. But it's all for good! They also kinda set you up to fail, but then they teach you how to do everything better. My new teacher is Hermano Myers and he served in Montevideo West! He knows Jaron and Jordan so that's pretty neat! I honestly love him so much! He teaches so many gospel principles so well and I just learn so much from him. All my teachers are wonderful. Hermano Ream serves in New Jersey and Hermana Ellison served in Boliva. One of the teachers down the hall, Hermano Figaroa, pokes his head in all the time and he helps us so much! He is from Chile and served his mission in Argentina. He is so funny! He has all the elders in my district believing he speaks no english and it's hilarious! He likes to joke with us a lot and we sat by him at dinner once this week. All our teachers are attending BYU. 

On Halloween mi districo dressed up in black, purple, and orange. We are district goals fo sho. I'm learning a lot of español every day. The teaching is getting easier as well. I really love something Hermano Myers told us. It doesn´t matter what you say, as much as it matters what feeling you share. You could share perfect doctrine in perfect Spanish, but it wouldn´t be as good as if you had spoken from your heart, not caring about your español. 

Sundays are seriously the best day. I can´t explain how much I love them. our companionship taught relief society on obedience. We compared Nefi and Lamen and Lemuel on their attitudes to following their father. Your attitude is EVERYTHING. You can do what right, but if your attitude sucks, then you won´t be following the lord. You have to be excited to serve with the lord! On sunday night, we heard from Brother and Sister Zeidner. Brother Zeidner is one of the head honcho office dudes at the MTC. He is over all the mtcs and helps how to make them function better. I really love how they spoke about families. This gospel is centered on familias. Nothing matters more to the people you will teach than their familias.  They also taught that the spirit cannot make up for a lack of effort. You have to work your hardest throughout the day and then El Espiritú y Jesucristo will make up for the rest in the lesson. Later that night, we went and watched a movie about John Tanner and music and the spoken word. Nothing has made me miss my band more than that! Elder Scott Liddard watched the same videos with us and we both basically said how much we miss playing. I miss mi band familia mu mucho! 

ON monday we taught Lukas again and we taught Diana again. Everytime I bear mi testimonio, Herman Riley says she can feel the spirit so stongly! It´s just hard for me because I don´t feel comfortable saying it in español yet. But I´m working on it. I have started to talk more in our lessons and I taught Diana how to pray. It is such a wonderful experiance to be able to share with all these people. (even though they are just acting.)

Tuesdays are mu bueno! Our devotional that night was by Elder Richard J Maynes of the 70. He talked about how our message is the same message that Jesucristo y Padra Celestial brought to José Smith. It was so cool! He told us that JC y PC were representing us as a missionary companionship and JS was representing all investigators. We are to go and share the light of el Elvanglio just like they did. AHH I love it! He also spoke about how important it is for us to not only have our purpose memorized, but to also LIVE it. Your purpose is only as good as your actions. Another quote that he said that I really enjoyed was ¨Keep opening your mouth. All day. Everyday.¨ Mu Bueno! He also said that if your fear is greater than your faith, you won´t have the spirit with you. If your faith is greater than your fear, then the spirit will help you know what to say. I just love that. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I love how God trusts us to do his work. I read this week in Mosiah 28. I loved how it explained why the sons of Mosiah wanted to serve missions so badly. It just pumped me up! Estoy Pumped! (Hermano Ream says that alllll the time.) 

On Wednesday we taught our new investigator, Sandra. She really just took in our lesson and WE INVITED HER TO BE BAPTIZED. ON THE FIRST LESSON. GO US! Jaja!  We invited her to leer el libro de mormón and pray to know if it is true. She said she would. We taught her how to pray and she said the closing prayer. I am wayy excited to teach her. 

That is what happened this week! Thank you for being such an amazing support! I set up a dropbox for mi pictures cauyse that takes less time so I can email you all longer:) I´ll send out the link in a minute. Thank you again! Please remember to write me letters though out the week! Not to beg for letters, but I´m begging for letters. lol. Dear elder works wonderfully and normal letters as well. I love you all!  

Hermana Elizabeth Davis
Dec-01 Wa-Kenn
2005 N 900 E Unit 51
Provo, Ut 84602

Gracias! Les Quere ustedes!

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